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ATMEL Tech on Tour comes to New Bedford

By Sarah | June 12, 2015

New Bedford is surely on its way to becoming a hot spot for tech on the SouthCoast. Don’t believe me? Check out the roster of events planned for next week: The ATMEL “Tech on Tour” bus will offer a day-long IoT training on Monday, followed by the SoCo Tech Expo on Tuesday. Get the details here!

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Member Spotlight: The Pidalia Team

By Sarah | June 10, 2015

We love hosting the team at Pidalia because they exude enthusiasm and productivity. In this interview, they share some tips and tools for success working in remote teams.

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Smashing Coworking Stereotypes with Indy Hall and Workbar

By Sarah | May 27, 2015
Indy Hall at Workbar

The Groundwork! team took a field trip to Cambridge to attend a workshop led by members of the Indy Hall team. It was also an occasion to celebrate with new friends at Workbar as we prepare to launch the Workbar Network in June.

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TEDxNewBedford Returns for 2015

By Sarah | May 20, 2015

Groundwork! has joined the organizing team of TEDxNewBedford 2015. The theme for this year’s conference is UNBOUND: What happens when we explore beyond our limiting beliefs? The event is slated for early November and we are working to define a venue and date in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, join us for a live stream of TEDWomen at Cork Wine and Tapas!

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Member Spotlight: Ellen Lough

By Sarah | May 4, 2015

“My Star Kids inspire me. The resiliency and adaptability that our Star Kids display in the face of adversity on a daily basis is both humbling and inspiring. Their lives are replete with poverty, crime, violence and drug/alcohol addiction. Yet, they go to school every day giving 100% to their academics and extracurricular activities. I never cease to be amazed by this.”

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Groundwork! Comes to Life

By Sarah | April 29, 2015

Our mission at Groundwork! is to become the physical hub and touchstone of entrepreneurial activity in New Bedford. When we first started talking about Groundwork! over a year ago, we imagined that with any luck we might fulfill our vision some distant day in the future.

A year later, we haven’t even moved into our space, and yet we find that our grand vision is already happening. Ladies and gentleman, it’s alive!

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SoCo Stars: Jackie Raposo at Interise

By Sarah | April 21, 2015

“[I’m inspired by] my community. Even though I didn’t grow up here, I have a profound connection to SouthCoast Mass and I want to see the economy prosper. I’m proud of the work I do because I want to see small businesses grow. I’m all for the underdogs.”

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How to Fund a Startup: Groundwork! by the Numbers

By Sarah | April 16, 2015
How to raise money

A lot of people wonder how Dena and I handle finances at Groundwork! and I’m going to share it all right here, in hopes that it will be either useful or inspiring. Keep in mind that neither of us had capital to contribute to Groundwork! nor did we have any personal money in savings to cover our own cost of living. It has been a wild, uphill battle that we are still fighting but I am certain we will come out on top.

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Member Spotlight: Chris Rezendes

By Sarah | April 6, 2015

“You must seek and build models for engaging, ingesting and processing all the information that is coming at you so that you can separate signal from noise.”

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The Innovate MA Alliance Brings Spirited Discussion to Groundwork

By Sarah | March 31, 2015

The Innovate MA Alliance is an umbrella organization comprised of organizations and individuals who care about the future of the broadly defined ‘Innovation Economy’ in Massachusetts, which includes anything from tech to food trucks to robotics. Groundwork! hosted the Innovate MA Coalition for a lunch presentation that quickly turned to a lively discussion about the future of the SouthCoast and Massachusetts as a whole.

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