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The Startup Life: On Tribes and Building Community

By Sarah | October 29, 2014

Our farm-to-table dinner was a success! Dena and I were pleased that the food turned out well, but we were even more excited to see the seeds of the Groundwork tribe take root. Finally we were able to bring people together in real life, and facilitate connections. And this is what coworking is all about!

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How To: Make Marketing Fun (Hint: use video)

By Sarah | September 30, 2014

It is always nice when the marketing message of a business is congruent with the business itself. In other words, our actions and values should line up with the way we project ourselves. Our aim was such in the recent series of videos we produced to promote our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. And we sure had a lot of fun doing it…

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What I like about Crowdfunding

By Sarah | September 16, 2014
Groundwork #14

We’re almost through with our crowdfunding campaign. No matter what happens in the next few days, I’m glad we took the plunge. We’ve built a stronger sense of purpose and identity as a company since we started this whole thing. We’ve reached new perspective members, we’ve connected with old friends… heck, we’re even planning a culinary foray into farm-to-table cooking. So thanks for coming along for the ride thus far, and stay tuned for some fun videos in the coming days. It ain’t over yet, baby!

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The Startup Life: Floor plans, tweets, and getting discouraged

By Sarah | September 10, 2014
roof video shoot

I had heard that running a startup was the hardest thing I’d ever do, and I’m starting to understand why. And I have a sneaking suspicion that Dena and I are just scratching the surface. So for your entertainment and my personal catharsis, I will be blogging some personal thoughts, experiences, and lessons from the life of a startup right here.

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Join us for a farm-to-table feast!

By Sarah | September 2, 2014
Farm to table

Hey everyone! So we’re halfway to our funding goal on IndieGoGo. To keep the momentum going, Dena and I decided to add a farm-to-table dinner as one of the perks for contributing. Contribute $200 and you and a guest will join us for a farm-to-table dinner served at Dena’s farmhouse in Berkley, MA. We’re talking a five course vegetarian feast, featuring organic veggies grown by Dena and lovingly prepared by both of us.

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We’re raising funds on IndieGoGo!

By Sarah | August 26, 2014

Hi folks! The end of summer is near, and here at Groundwork we’ve got our game faces on. We launched our official fundraising campaign on the IndieGoGo platform last night. We will be hard at work rolling out our campaign strategy over the next thirty days and we’d love your support.

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Why Coworking is Good for your Business

By Sarah | July 18, 2014

We’re so excited about launching Groundwork! because we believe it will be a catalyst to a healthy local economy in New Bedford. What exactly does that mean? We want creative and hard-working people to have a place where they can get inspiration and support to launch their own business. Let’s be honest, starting a business is daunting: Should I be an LLC or S Corp? Do I need insurance? Should I take out a loan or seek investors? How the hell to I market myself? File taxes?

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Field Trip to The Hive: Coworking in Rhode Island

By Sarah | June 15, 2014
Earth and Ocean Wellness at the Hive

Dena and I took a field trip to The Hive, a coworking space in RI. The co-founders Larry and Tuni were more than happy to share their experience with us, and we were inspired by the diverse community they are cultivating in Southern Rhode Island. We even got to participate in a lunch-hour nature walk and indentify local herbs!

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Freelancing to Save the World (and yourself)

By Sarah | April 30, 2014
freelancer's lunch break

    A couple of years ago, I took a series of vows (or precepts) as a Zen student. Among them, I vowed not to take more than what I…

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Coworking with a little help from my friends

By Sarah | April 23, 2014

Who says work can’t be fun? Now is our time. We can create our own rules, work with our friends, and (gasp!) feel really excited to get up and go to work every morning. In fact, I am convinced that these seemingly small things are key to the type of revolutionary change that will save our economy.

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