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Coworking vs Working from Home: Which is better for focus?

By Sarah | May 16, 2022
man wearing headphones in a coworking space

These days, most of us are largely unsupervised at work. Whether we’re independent contractors or working hybrid at home, we need tools to stay focused. So when it comes to optimizing our focus, where should we work? Here are the pros and cons of coworking vs. working from home.

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The importance of routine & why having one helps you work better

By Talia | May 3, 2022

We all know by now the importance of routine while working from home. Whether you get distracted by someone in your household or simply by your own lack of motivation, it’s clear that staying consistent in your daily routine can feel impossible. But do you know how much you can benefit from having a routine?…

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WFH is great, but here’s why you need coworking

By Sarah | April 19, 2022
WFH woman with children playing in the background.

“To have a client call interrupted by mom was a blow to my self-esteem at a fragile moment in my life. In my battle with imposter syndrome, the imposter was winning.”

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Cristina Pierce on the importance of consistency, staying organized, and doing what you are passionate about

By Talia | April 12, 2022

“I am inspired by people who pursue their happiness. I admire those who can truly say that they wake up in the morning going to do what they are passionate about. That is what I am currently striving to achieve in my life both personally and professionally. “

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Coworking means Community

By Talia | March 14, 2022

“I recently moved to New Bedford from Martha’s Vineyard and was struggling to find community in the area. I only knew a couple people and as an extrovert, I crave human connection, but was finding it difficult to create new friendships. I have always been social and had not anticipated it being hard for me to make new friends. I soon found out that making friends as an adult, in a new place, in the midst of a pandemic, was not easy!”

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Top 5 Takeaways from New Bedford Research & Robotics

By Talia | March 8, 2022

We were so inspired by last weeks’ presentation on New Bedford Research & Robotics that we wanted to share our favorite takeaways. Read on to learn about what’s coming to New Bedford…

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Meet our New Community Manager, Talia Luening

By Sarah | February 11, 2022

“All people want to be seen, heard, and valued. It’s that simple. We as humans, whether we are three years old or eighty years old, just want to feel that when we speak, we are being listened to, and that what we say matters, even if only for a moment.”

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Samia Walker on mobilizing the village to make a difference

By Sarah | January 28, 2022

“For me, Coworking = Community. Being a member of this coworking space has given me so many opportunities to meet new people, learn new things, and grow both personally and professionally. Some days it is as easy as poking my head out and asking for support with something, and someone is always ready and willing to share their resources and knowledge.”

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The future is flex. What does that mean for you?

By Sarah | October 26, 2021

What does it mean to have a “flex future” at work, and what does it mean for you? Our co-founder breaks down what we stand to gain… and lose.

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Move over WeWork, This is the Era of Local Coworking

By Sarah | September 23, 2021
local coworking spaces do it better

Small, locally-operated spaces have been the backbone of the coworking movement since the early days, although we’ve failed to capture the world’s attention quite like WeWork. That is, up until now. The COVID pandemic has accelerated a worldwide shift to WFH, or as I like to say, work near home. This means that many of…

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