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How to support Black-owned business all year long

By Raelyn Couto | February 20, 2024

Black History Month is a time to reflect on the contributions and achievements of Black individuals throughout history. One impactful way to honor this month is by actively supporting Black-owned businesses. However, it’s essential to extend this support beyond February and make it a year-round commitment. In this blog, we explore the best ways to connect with our communities, and we connect with some Black business owners and artists about how to support the Black community beyond Black History Month.

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Meet the Artist: Alyn Carlson

By Korie Ellis - St. Pierre | February 1, 2024

“I see the world as an artist, experiencing everything that way. The design work I do, how I relate to family and friends, is informed and colored by my art making.”

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Meet the Artist: Izzy Rodriguez

By Raelyn Couto | February 1, 2024

“My current body of work is motivated by my constant intrigue and curiosity with the world around me. These photographs show the little slices of everyday life that we often take for granted. Fleeting moments that would otherwise be completely insignificant, if not photographed.”

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Meet Our New Community Coordinator: Korie Ellis-St. Pierre

By Raelyn Couto | January 29, 2024

“I am very much looking forward to sharing my ideology of “make the most of what’s around.” Being an artist and natural dyer, my way of viewing everyday materials is quite romanticized.”

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Meet Our New Community Coordinator: Raelyn Couto

By Nicole Cosme | January 15, 2024

“I’m excited about continuing to foster the amazing community here at Groundwork. This is a community where everyone is welcome regardless of background, and where we can grow together.”

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Erica Clavin shares her passion for sustainability in the beauty industry and beyond

By Nicole Cosme | January 5, 2024

“The beauty industry can be very unkind for folks with mental/physical challenges and it took years of self awareness and advocacy to find the balance that works for me to consistently maintain my responsibilities without burning out. “

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Paulina F. Guzman reminds us of our shared humanity

By Nicole Cosme | December 5, 2023

” I hope to contribute to a collective consciousness that recognizes and celebrates the profound interdependence of human beings on a global scale.”

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Meet the Artist: Yaz Mehović

By Nicole Cosme | November 9, 2023

“As an artist’s place and role in society continuously evolves, it is important to interact with members from both the artistic and wider community, to learn from them, and to be able to reflect on one’s own ideas and perspectives through interactions and working together.”

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Outsourced Pt. 3: Collapse | The South Coast’s Textile Industry

By Dan Moriarty | October 4, 2023

As the new order of free trade and globalization rises from the ashes of the Second World War, The South Coast confronts the collapse of its keystone industry.

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Squarespace web designer Justin Mabee on investing in his work and in himself

By Nicole Cosme | October 4, 2023

“Your productivity will skyrocket if you just put a solid effort into giving your business what it needs. That can be technology, or it can even be a website. Invest in yourself, in your education, in learning new skills and tricks to help you be better and more successful.”

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