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Groundwork Awarded Collaborative Workspace Grant for Fall River Location

By Sarah | November 23, 2022
awards ceremony for grantees in Holyoke

NOVEMBER 2023 HOLYOKE, MA — Groundwork received a $45,000 grant to complete the fit out of its Fall River location from the Collaborative Workspace Program. The Program, administered by MassDevelopment, supports the development of collaborative workspaces across Massachusetts, including makers spaces, commercial kitchens, traditional coworking spaces, and more. Groundwork was among 39 projects in Massachusetts…

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How shared meeting rooms work at coworking spaces

By Sarah | November 20, 2022

Ever wondered how so many businesses manage to share meeting rooms at a coworking space? Read on for the sacred tribal code of sharing resources.

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Marlissa Briggett: More than a pretty smile (and yummy baked goods!)

By Talia | November 14, 2022

“Groundwork is my favorite productivity tip. I always get more done on the days I go into Groundwork.”

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Meet Fall River’s New Community Manager, Camille Nichols

By Talia | October 7, 2022

Being involved in the opening of the Fall River location is such an amazing opportunity to make an impact in the local community and shape the future of Groundwork.

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Productivity tips from productive people

By Talia | September 21, 2022

When I’m having trouble getting a handle on a large project I break it down into smaller steps. Sometimes you can become overwhelmed looking at the big picture. Taking  manageable steps keeps me from feeling overwhelmed.

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Pam Shwartz on food, family, and to do lists

By Talia | September 9, 2022

“As a new business, there are so many things to learn and do. Figuring out how best to prioritize action items is challenging.”

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Annasaskhea on her creative process as a portrait and editorial photographer

By Talia | September 1, 2022

“I am most fulfilled by all of the local creatives I have been able to meet through my work. Whether it is collaborating with local stylists, florists or other photographers I love the interactions and creative discourse that has arisen from photography.”

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The Benefits of Meeting in Person

By Talia | August 22, 2022

“In person you get that real connection with someone; you’re able to see a persons true, authentic personality. You can build stronger relationships and stronger bonds when meeting in person.”

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How to Host Better Gatherings

By Sarah | August 16, 2022
Groundwork members gather to eat cookies in the kitchen

You can’t just bring a bunch of people together in a room and expect that it will be a good time. If you want to host better gatherings, they must be intentional. As I reflect on my recent gathering experience, I can see three distinct things that set our gatherings apart.

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Bookclubs foster meaningful community, conversation & critical thinking

By Talia | August 3, 2022

Our bookclub here at Groundwork brings a variety of our community members together in a meaningful way to explore literature and ideas, outside of the usual work environment.

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