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How to Fund a Startup: Groundwork! by the Numbers

By Sarah | April 16, 2015
How to raise money

A lot of people wonder how Dena and I handle finances at Groundwork! and I’m going to share it all right here, in hopes that it will be either useful or inspiring. Keep in mind that neither of us had capital to contribute to Groundwork! nor did we have any personal money in savings to cover our own cost of living. It has been a wild, uphill battle that we are still fighting but I am certain we will come out on top.

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Member Spotlight: Chris Rezendes

By Sarah | April 6, 2015

“You must seek and build models for engaging, ingesting and processing all the information that is coming at you so that you can separate signal from noise.”

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The Innovate MA Alliance Brings Spirited Discussion to Groundwork

By Sarah | March 31, 2015

The Innovate MA Alliance is an umbrella organization comprised of organizations and individuals who care about the future of the broadly defined ‘Innovation Economy’ in Massachusetts, which includes anything from tech to food trucks to robotics. Groundwork! hosted the Innovate MA Coalition for a lunch presentation that quickly turned to a lively discussion about the future of the SouthCoast and Massachusetts as a whole.

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The First Business Buzz is a Success

By Sarah | March 13, 2015

The first Business Buzz at Cork Wine and Tapas was a success! The Buzz is a refreshing alternative to stuffy, boring networking events brought to you by Groundwork! and Civic Support. We’re super excited to watch the Buzz community grow and connect like-minded folks in the New Bedford area.

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Laying the Groundwork for Groundwork!

By Sarah | March 11, 2015

Planning for our 5,000 square foot space on the first floor of the Quest Center is in full swing! We met with the New Bedford facilities department and a local architecture firm today to look at the preliminary drawings of the space. Have a sneak peek at the layout and floor plan drawings here.

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UMass Dartmouth Hosts SoCo Business Collaboration Dialogue

By Sarah | February 26, 2015

The Charlton College of Business at UMass Dartmouth hosted a Breakfast Summit today with regional chamber of commerce executives and business leaders. The stated goal of the summit was to explore ways in which the Charlton College of Business can engage with the SouthCoast business community and vice versa.

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Groundwork! and SouthCoast Innovators Commit to Collaboration

By Sarah | February 20, 2015

Groundwork! is thrilled to participate in a new movement of collaboration in New Bedford and the SouthCoast. On Friday afternoon we hosted a meeting of local entrepreneurs, business owners, and innovators to open a dialogue about how we can work together and support each other in our missions. This meeting signals the beginning of a new era for the SouthCoast as a hotspot for entrepreneurship and innovation.

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The Coworking Life: Why Core Values are Important

By Sarah | February 16, 2015

We recently defined our core values at Groundwork! It was a fun process, but even more importantly, these values form the base of our decision making and actions every single day.

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Groundwork! Hosts Entrepreneurship for All

By Sarah | February 12, 2015

About 20 Groundworkers gathered for pizza and a talk by David Parker, Exec. Director of Entrepreneurship for All at our BETA space last night. Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll), a successful non-profit based in Lawrence and Lowell, has set its sights on expanding operations to the South Coast. EforAll’s mission is to accelerate economic and social impact in mid-sized cities.

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Member Spotlight: Doug Lane

By Sarah | February 5, 2015

“My job sometimes brings me to more trendy places like New York City and Silicon Valley. They are great places, but I find them a bit phony at times. New Bedford has a realness to it. We all know that it’s not perfect, but it’s a one-of-a-kind place filled with many creative and hard-working people.”

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