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Meeting Rooms for Rent in New Bedford

Rent a space for your next webinar, presentation, or workshop

rent a Room for your next meeting 

Groundwork offers two professional meeting rooms for rent in New Bedford. Our spaces are fully-equipped for presentations, hybrid meetings, interviews, trainings, and more. We are staffed during business hours, and we make sure you have everything you need for a great meeting. Reservations can be made online, or give us a call at 508-441-4622. We look forward to hosting you in New Bedford soon.

business meeting space - rooms for rent - downtown New Bedford MA

The Shuttle

  • Seats up to 6
  • Whiteboard
  • Flatscreen TV (with AirPlay or hdmi connector)
  • HD WebCam
  • Speaker/microphone available on request
  • Great for Zoom calls, client meetings & planning sessions

$39/hr or $179/day

$27/hr or $125/day

evening - weekend meeting room rentals - downtown New Bedford MA


  • Seats up to 20
  • Flatscreen TV with hdmi connector
  • Large portable whiteboard
  • Great for workshops, trainings, board meetings, seminars, and longer events

$59/hr or $279/day

$41/hr or $195/day

Meeting Room Rentals Include:

Fast 5G WiFi

Bottomless coffee from Coastal Roasters, tea, and water

Print, copy & scan services for an additional charge

Why should you book a room with us: 

  • Professional Image: Renting a meeting room at our coworking space in New Bedford, MA allows you to project a polished and professional image to your clients and partners, leaving a lasting impression.
  • Cost-Effective: By choosing our meeting room rental option, you can save on the expenses of leasing a full office space, paying only for the time you need, and freeing up your budget for other essential business needs.
  • Flexibility & Convenience: Enjoy the flexibility of booking our meeting room for the exact duration you require, whether it's an hour, a half-day, or a full day. Our convenient location in New Bedford, MA ensures easy access for you and your attendees.
  • Networking Opportunities: Joining our coworking community opens up opportunities to connect with a diverse range of professionals and businesses. Hosting meetings here not only serves your immediate needs but also fosters valuable networking prospects.
  • Supportive Environment: Our coworking space provides a supportive and conducive environment for productive meetings. From modern amenities to professional assistance, we aim to make your meeting experience seamless and successful.

See for yourself

Schedule a 15-minute tour to check out our space and get your questions answered. Stay for a trial day after your tour.

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