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About Us

Our mission is to inspire great work.

We do this by fostering relationships and community,

maintaining a healthy work environment,

and providing opportunities to learn and share.

Our story:

Groundwork was founded in 2014 at the Quest Center in New Bedford, MA. Our vision was to create a place where entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers could work alongside each other in community. Today we still operate our original location in New Bedford, along with a second space in Fall River. In addition to our coworking spaces, we also operate an art gallery and community exhibition space. We are proud to serve the talented and creative humans of the South Coast.

The Groundwork Team

Meet our Founder: Sarah Athanas

“I will always get excited about the connections that are made at Groundwork. It never gets old! I love to see members discover they have something in common or help each other on a project. It is truly fulfilling to feel like I played a small role in making those connections happen.”

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Meet Our General Manager: Nicole Cosme

“One of the things I’m loving about my job lately is that there is something new to learn everyday. I’m excited to continue learning as much as I can from Sarah and the Groundwork community.”

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Meet Our Community Coordinator: Korie Ellis-St. Pierre

“I am very much looking forward to sharing my ideology of “make the most of what’s around.” Being an artist and natural dyer, my way of viewing everyday materials is quite romanticized.”

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Meet Our Community Coordinator: Raelyn Couto

“I’m excited about continuing to foster the amazing community here at Groundwork. This is a community where everyone is welcome regardless of background, and where we can grow together.”

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Community Manifesto

We are a community of doers. We respect and value each other by engaging in conversation, celebration, and discourse. We are quick to lend a helping hand. We are actively making our community, city, and world a better place. We care about our work environment and are considerate of each other’s needs. Most importantly, we are here because we want to be. We show up every day for ourselves and for each other. We are Groundwork!

Here are some of the ways we do this on a daily basis:

  • We are aware of volume control. While calls and conversations are entirely appropriate, we are conscious of speaking too loudly or listening without headphones.
  • We clean up after ourselves. This includes the kitchen, conference rooms, and shared work areas.
  • We hold space for all viewpoints. We respect the opinions of others and listen attentively. We don’t use offensive or hateful speech.
  • We share resources. We reserve conference rooms and cancel un-needed reservations. We are conscious not to run over time.
  • We respect personal space.  Headphones are the universal “office door.” We don’t interrupt people who are working.
  • We are open and welcoming. We go out of our way to welcome new members, participate in events, and bring suggestions and ideas to the table.

Partnerships and Associations

See for yourself

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