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Why we’re not fighting COVID with disposables


As we plan a phased reopening of Groundwork’s physical space, I can assure you that a few items are not on my shopping list: disposables such as plastic utensils and single-serve creamer. I’ve noticed a trend in the coworking industry to replace coffee mugs and real utensils with plastic and paper in their post-COVID operations…

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Sustaining Sea Scallops: Fish, Farm and Film Night!


We are screening Sustaining Sea Scallops tonight at Groundwork! The locally produced and filmed documentary is about how researchers and fishermen team-up to improve the sustainability of not only their industry, but also the underwater ecosystem. Hang out after the screening for a Q&A with the director! Screening begins at 6:30pm and Q&A at 7:05pm.…

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Member Spotlight: Adam Davenport

Adam Davenport

“The fact [is] that most of the answers to our social and environmental problems are simple. Really to fix MOST of our ills just takes a change in mindset and habit. I have hopes for the millennial generation and beyond to break the tipping point on this. We are connected and have more resources than we ever have!”

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Coworking and Composting: True Sustainability

compost and coworking

We want to walk the talk when it comes to sustainability, so we are thrilled to introduce composting to Groundwork! Our member and friend Adam Davenport is spearheading the effort, and here he explains why composting is so important.

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Join us for a farm-to-table feast!

Farm to table

Hey everyone! So we’re halfway to our funding goal on IndieGoGo. To keep the momentum going, Dena and I decided to add a farm-to-table dinner as one of the perks for contributing. Contribute $200 and you and a guest will join us for a farm-to-table dinner served at Dena’s farmhouse in Berkley, MA. We’re talking a five course vegetarian feast, featuring organic veggies grown by Dena and lovingly prepared by both of us.

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Freelancing to Save the World (and yourself)

freelancer's lunch break

    A couple of years ago, I took a series of vows (or precepts) as a Zen student. Among them, I vowed not to take more than what I need. Now, if you live by intentions or vows , you know that a big part of that practice is bringing awareness into what happens…

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