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Coworking means Community

“I recently moved to New Bedford from Martha’s Vineyard and was struggling to find community in the area. I only knew a couple people and as an extrovert, I crave human connection, but was finding it difficult to create new friendships. I have always been social and had not anticipated it being hard for me to make new friends. I soon found out that making friends as an adult, in a new place, in the midst of a pandemic, was not easy!”

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Set better work habits and have better outcomes with this simple hack

productivity hack

Would you like to feel more satisfied, balanced, and maybe even inspired at the end of your work day? I recently asked a few Groundwork members why they like coworking, and some of their answers surprised me. I’m sure you’ve heard all the conventional reasons for joining a coworking space: networking, cost-savings, flexibility, coffee, etc.…

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Are You Ready For Re-entry? Consider This First…


In the past year, we’ve all experienced something worthy of grieving. It may be a specific instance, like the loss of a loved one or the loss of your life’s work. It may be a collective grief, for the loss of communal gatherings, or for the loss of simply being seen. Whatever you have felt during this extraordinary time, make sure to slow down enough to process your feelings before moving forward.

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