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Meet Our Community Coordinator: Nicole Cosme

There are a lot of things I’m excited about. For one, I was born and raised in Fall River so I’m excited to contribute something positive to the city. I love the idea of promoting local artists and businesses, and helping to build an even more collaborative community here.

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How we use Slack to foster community

Most coworking spaces utilize Slack as a way for their community to interact. At Groundwork we use Slack for community social interaction and for specific groups, as well as random things, like horoscopes and dad jokes.

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How coworking helps combat the winter blues

One way joining a coworking space can help lift your spirits is by giving you a sense of community. Being around other people and sharing space with them makes us feel that we are part of something bigger than just ourselves. When we feel we are part of a community, we feel better.

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How to Host Better Gatherings

Groundwork members gather to eat cookies in the kitchen

You can’t just bring a bunch of people together in a room and expect that it will be a good time. If you want to host better gatherings, they must be intentional. As I reflect on my recent gathering experience, I can see three distinct things that set our gatherings apart.

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Don’t need a desk? Try our social club

Woman smiling at Groundwork holiday party - social club

“I get to listen to and learn from a bunch of smart ambitious folks  – people I would not have met otherwise.. Plus, Groundwork is “Communications Central” for what’s going on in the city. It’s inspiring to see in action a bunch of smart young people who are committed to making the world a better place (and maybe a buck or two).”

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