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Smashing Coworking Stereotypes with Indy Hall and Workbar

Indy Hall at Workbar

Dena and I were super excited to attend a workshop at Workbar led by Alex Hillman and Adam Teterus of Indy Hall. Back when we were trying to figure out how the heck to start a coworking space, we stumbled across Alex’s blog, and the Indy Hall model of building the community before the physical space has been a huge influence in our process.

Alex and Adam have been doing the coworking thing for a long time, and they generously shared their wisdom and experience with those of us who attended the workshop. Here are a few of my favorite takeaways:

  1. It isn’t about who is in the space, but what they care about.
  2. Collaboration starts with trust. Get people to build relationships first and the collaboration will follow.
  3. The brand of a coworking space is its culture.
  4. People want to belong. Empower members to contribute to and improve the community.
  5. Create a community of practice.

I could go on, but I’ll let you ruminate on those gems. Oh, and speaking of trust and relationships, did I mention that Groundwork! is officially a part of the Workbar Network? Half of our visit to Cambridge was to learn from Alex and Adam, and the other half was to celebrate with our Workbar friends.

Check it out: Indy Hall, Workbar, Groundwork!, Work Station, and other coworking operators out on the town. Independent businesses working together, learning from each other, and having fun. Pretty cool, eh?

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