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Coworking: What do the Scholars Say?


Having just transitioned out of grad school, I was curious what scholars had to say about coworking. The study of coworking can be taken from so many different angles. Economists and planners can study it from an economic development perspective. At the same time, psychologists can approach it through the lens of workers’ mental health. For this blog, I found a study on the latter.

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Productivity tips from productive people

When I’m having trouble getting a handle on a large project I break it down into smaller steps. Sometimes you can become overwhelmed looking at the big picture. Taking  manageable steps keeps me from feeling overwhelmed.

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The Benefits of Meeting in Person

“In person you get that real connection with someone; you’re able to see a persons true, authentic personality. You can build stronger relationships and stronger bonds when meeting in person.”

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Coworking helps us move more & movement matters

“When I work at home, I’ll hit about 3,000 steps in a day, and that includes taking a quick walk around the neighborhood. My days at Groundwork average about 7,000 steps, and if I walk to work I hit the 10k mark easily.” Being in a coworking space helps us move more and that matters.

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How WFH can negatively affect your mental health

‘I’m new to coworking and I didn’t realize how much I missed working in community with others until I started doing it again. Even just the short hellos and how are you doing check-ins mean a lot to me and almost immediately improve my mood and make me feel so welcome.”

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