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Von Marie Moniz: Latina powerhouse of the South Coast

By Talia | March 13, 2023

“A typical work day for me varies depending on the day but it almost always begins with a warm cup of coffee made by Talia at Groundwork, checking emails, and thinking of different ways to support our entrepreneurs.”

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Francesca Martin: Inspiring & inspired by people

By Talia | February 23, 2023

Through a Groundwork connection – the New Bedford Food Tour – I met a community of people that go rowing on a regular basis in Clark’s Cove and Buzzards Bay; and for some, this is connected to Azorean whaling and rowing/sailing practices. Some of my best mornings this past summer were spent watching the sunrise from that rowboat in Clark’s Cove!

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You Need a Field Trip: Why Working Offsite Leads to Better Work

By Sarah | February 13, 2023
Woman working offsite at a coworking space.

When I work offsite, I’m usually done with my important tasks before lunch. In fact, regular work field trips help me to stay focused on the big picture and find time for strategic thinking.

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Best of: How Coworking Makes Us Healthy

By Talia | January 23, 2023

Coworking is good for your health and that’s a fact. Here we compiled a list of all the blogs we wrote concerning wellness, from mental health to movement.

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Pam Crombie: Helping businesses thrive on the South Coast

By Talia | January 19, 2023

“A coworking space helps me focus better and work harder. If I get distracted and look around the room and see everyone else working, it gets me motivated and back to focusing. It’s also really nice to see different people every time and hear what’s going on in everyone’s life.”

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How coworking helps combat the winter blues

By Talia | January 4, 2023

One way joining a coworking space can help lift your spirits is by giving you a sense of community. Being around other people and sharing space with them makes us feel that we are part of something bigger than just ourselves. When we feel we are part of a community, we feel better.

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Groundwork Members Share What They Are Grateful For

By Talia | December 13, 2022

“I find that when you practice gratitude, you find more things to be grateful for which in turn brings in more things to be grateful for.  Life is in the present moment. In the moment there is much to be thankful for, including the moment itself.”

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Britney Ganeto on growing a team to clean and contribute

By Talia | December 7, 2022

“The coworking space has provided me with an outlet to have an office space to focus on my work with other professionals and also socially engage with them as well.”

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Groundwork Awarded Collaborative Workspace Grant for Fall River Location

By Sarah | November 23, 2022
awards ceremony for grantees in Holyoke

NOVEMBER 2023 HOLYOKE, MA — Groundwork received a $45,000 grant to complete the fit out of its Fall River location from the Collaborative Workspace Program. The Program, administered by MassDevelopment,…

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How shared meeting rooms work at coworking spaces

By Sarah | November 20, 2022

Ever wondered how so many businesses manage to share meeting rooms at a coworking space? Read on for the sacred tribal code of sharing resources.

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