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How to convince your employer to pay for coworking

In recent years, remote work has become the norm for many companies. I personally know dozens of people who work out of a home office, or more frequently from their living rooms and kitchen tables. While this shift offers numerous benefits to both the employers and employees, it also presents several challenges. Such as maintaining team cohesion, ensuring employee productivity, and setting healthy boundaries between work and home life. One solution that’s been gaining traction is for employers to foot the bill for their remote employees to work from a coworking space. But if you want to convince your boss to pay for coworking, you’ll need to demonstrate the benefits that coworking has to offer. In this blog, we’ll explore six reasons you can present to your boss on why coworking is a good investment for them.

Coworking increases worker productivity

Using the coworking space is extremely helpful to my productivity. I am able to hunker down and focus on the tasks at hand and when I need a little break, I have so many great people within the space to have a little chat with to recharge!

Von Maria Moniz, Entrepreneur & Program Manager of EforAll

One of the most noted benefits of coworking is that it increases productivity. As discussed in previous blogs, coworking spaces limit the number of distractions you’ll experience throughout the day. Beyond the occasional hallway banter you may enjoy with other coworkers, when you actually sit down to work, there are no kids, pets, or chores demanding your attention. There is nothing to do but work. With fewer interruptions, coworkers often find it easier to maintain focus and productivity, ultimately benefiting an employer’s bottom line.

The distraction-free environment that a coworking space offers is an obvious catalyst for productivity. But the physical act of switching up your work environment also seems to play a role in this ability to focus and think better. As author and psychologist Amy Johnson has explained, the change in environment creates a sense of novelty that wake up our brains and sharpens our thinking.

Forcing a little change of scenery can help us feel invigorated and more creative, as it forces our brain to process new surroundings and think in new ways.

Amy Johnson

In fact, according to statistics gathered by, 69% of office workers say they are more productive when they have a variety of settings to work from throughout the day.

Coworking spaces offer this variety in a professional and distraction-free environment where employees can concentrate on their tasks.

Coworking helps maintain company culture

Some days it feels great to know that you can work right from your living room. No need to get dressed or interact with anyone. No need to sit in traffic or potentially get stuck behind a school bus. But team cohesion tends to suffer when employees can’t engage face-to-face with their colleagues. Coworking spaces provide a shared physical environment that fosters a sense of belonging and strengthening team cohesion.

Coworking improves work-life balance

When I worked from home the first few months after the pandemic, I often found it difficult to “clock out” at 5pm. Especially if there were tasks I hadn’t finished during the day. This led me to working longer hours. Or at the very least, I’d still be thinking about work even after I’d finished for the day. This is a common issue for remote workers who often struggle to maintain clear boundaries between work and personal life.

It might seem like this lack of boundaries benefits the employer, but without these boundaries it’s easy for remote workers to get burnt out and work less productively overall. Leaving home to work allows employees to commute mentally, ensuring that they can fully disconnect from work at the end of the day.

New studies are showing that the employees themselves prefer coworking over both the traditional office and the home office. As Groundwork’s Community Coordinator, Dan Moriarty highlighted in a recent blog,

Coworking offers a “best-of-both-worlds” structure. It allows workers to get out of the house, separate work from home, and socialize without being tied to the rigid schedule and geospatial arrangements of an office owned by an employer.

Coworking offers opportunities for collaboration and professional development

I get to listen to and learn from a bunch of smart ambitious folks  – people I would not have met otherwise. Plus, Groundwork is “Communications Central” for what’s going on in the city. It’s inspiring to see in action a bunch of smart young people who are committed to making the world a better place (and maybe a buck or two)

GW Member, Steve Markowski
A young man teaches at a marketing lab session about email marketing

Another benefit of coworking are the learning opportunities it offers. The same Zippia research cited above found that 69% of coworking members learned new skills in a coworking space. Whether it’s by connecting with members on a project, attending marketing-lab, workshops, or other events offered at the coworking space, remote workers are given the opportunity to interact with a variety of people from diverse backgrounds and industries. These encounters ultimately lead to personal and professional growth.

I’ve experienced some of these opportunities firsthand. I learned about marketing and creating a strong brand in Beyond the Brand with Kevin Rose Jr. and I learned about pricing and packaging from Tanya Rivera-Falcone. I even find value in the spontaneous conversations I have with members throughout the day. When you work from a coworking space, the opportunities to learn something new are endless.

The benefit should be obvious to employers. Coworking encourages professional development, and according to Business News Daily, employees who pursue professional development tend to have higher productivity and job satisfaction. Not to mention, when you set out to elevate the lives and careers of your workforce, it creates a happier environment and a culture of loyalty and support.

Additionally, having the option to work from a coworking space is often a compelling perk. Because potential employees are increasingly seeking workplaces that prioritize their well-being., poviding access to a coworking space demonstrates your commitment to creating a positive work environment.

Coworking is cost-effective and flexible

Compared to the overhead cost of a traditional lease, coworking is a more cost-effective option. It may seem counter-intuitive to consider it cost-effective when compared to WFH. That is, unless you consider all the benefits listed above, in addition to many other perks included in a coworking membership such as fast 5G WIFI, virtual mail, bottomless coffee, office supplies, and meeting rooms, to name a few.

And since coworking memberships are often short-term, there is no commitment should your situation change. For example, all Groundwork memberships are month-to-month, whether you sign up for a private office or a flex membership.

There’s no telling what the future holds, whether your business needs to scale up or down in the future. Offering flexibility gives employers more control over their circumstances.

Coworking is a win-win solution for everyone

In this blog, we’ve covered just a few of the benefits of coworking and why it’s a good investment for employers. Let’s quickly recap what we’ve learned:

Coworking boosts productivity and offers a change in environment that leads to sharper thinking. It enhances work-life balance, fosters collaboration, and helps maintain company culture. Moreover, coworking can be a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining top talent. By investing in coworking spaces, employers demonstrate their commitment to creating a supportive and productive environment for their remote workforce.

Do you want to experience the benefits of coworking and why it’s a good investment for employers, businesses, entrepreneur, and remote workers? The best way to experience the benefits is to try it out for yourself! Give us a call to learn more, or schedule a tour today.