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Need an Office for a Day? A Week? On-Demand? Look No Further than Coworking Spaces

Private Office wing at Groundwork

In a world where flexibility, efficiency, and convenience are paramount, finding the perfect workspace can be a real challenge, especially for those who travel for business or work remotely. Whether you just need a break from the isolation of WFH or you’re constantly on the move and need a productive space to take calls or bang out emails, finding an ideal workspace is more crucial than ever.

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Coworking: What do the Scholars Say?


Having just transitioned out of grad school, I was curious what scholars had to say about coworking. The study of coworking can be taken from so many different angles. Economists and planners can study it from an economic development perspective. At the same time, psychologists can approach it through the lens of workers’ mental health. For this blog, I found a study on the latter.

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Outsourced: Globalization, Textiles, and The South Coast [Pt.1]


This blog is part one of a series covering the history of the South Coast’s textile industry and the downstream impacts on labor, social capital, and community cohesion. Always home to dynamism, innovation, grit, and resilience, the South Coast continues to push forward. From whaling and textiles to fishing and now offshore wind, we have seen booms and busts, we may get knocked down, but we always get back up.

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