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Groundwork! Comes to Life

Our mission at Groundwork! is to become the physical hub and touchstone of entrepreneurial activity in New Bedford. When we first started talking about Groundwork! over a year ago, we imagined that with any luck we might fulfill our vision some distant day in the future.

A year later, we haven’t even moved into our space, and yet we find that our grand vision is already happening. Ladies and gentleman, it’s alive!


NBEDC Meeting at Groundwork!


New Bedford Economic Development Council Meeting

Last night, over 40 people gathered in the Groundwork! space for an informal meeting of our great partners and supporters, the NBEDC. On a very simple level, it was thrilling to hear so many voices and footsteps in our future home. On a deeper level, this was a gathering of people from various backgrounds and disciplines who are truly invested in the future of New Bedford. As the meeting broke into open discussion, it was heartening to hear about the projects underway and the dreams and hopes that we all share for this city. I left feeling fortunate to be a part of such an engaged and motivated community.


Meanwhile at Groundwork! we are truly living up to our slogan “Work together. Grow together.” The SoCoLAUNCH! Meetup Group recently hit 80 members and continues to grow. We created SoCoLAUNCH! as a central meeting point for all things happening on the South Coast that support innovation and entrepreneurship. Since it started a mere few months ago in February, the SoCoLAUNCH! group has successfully collaborated with EforAll, the Innovate MA Alliance, Interise, and Startup Weekend. We have a free legal clinic slated for the month of May in cooperation with the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center, and more (BIG) events to come that are still in the works.


Working together at Groundwork! with the NB Chamber and WIB


Groundwork! Collaborates with the NB Chamber and Workforce Investment Board

This spirit of collaboration has led to a working partnership between Groundwork! and other local entities. In recent meetings with the NB Chamber of Commerce and Workforce Investment Board, we’re making concrete strides to lay down guidelines and structures for working together, complementing each other’s services and focusing on a common goal that benefits everyone. Our common vision is to create an innovation ecosystem in the South Coast. This level of collaboration feels historical and I have no doubt that we are well on our way to creating something truly special here.

Oh, and these are not your run-of-the mill boring business meetings. Our collaborators are charged with excitement and enthusiasm, egos are left at the door, and we even manage to have some fun.

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