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Communicating for Influence in the New World of Work

We’re in the midst of a seismic shift in the way we work, and the rules of communication are changing. As part of a remote team, how do you communicate effectively to ensure your own success and that of your team?  Join us for a lunch seminar with Victoria Dew SCMP, Founder and CEO of…

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Let’s Discuss Housing in New Bedford!

Have you noticed the skyrocketing cost of housing in New Bedford? Join Josh Amaral and the PACE team to learn more about the growing housing affordability crisis in New Bedford and discuss creative ways to tackle the problem. The days of the $800 New Bedford apartment are over, but housing stock people can actually afford…

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Food and Human Connection – Say Cheese!

A childhood favorite for many, an occasional comfort food to some, and a complete mystery to others. Grilled cheese. On the eve of Valentine’s day, a busy Wednesday here at Groundwork, we invited our members to step away from their work to enjoy a complimentary grilled cheese in the kitchen. We provided all the fixings,…

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EforAll Spotlight: New Faces

Get to know EforAll SouthCoast’s two newest cohort leaders! Danny sat down for an interview with Samia Walker and Donna Criscuolo to learn more about them and why they’re excited to participate in the EforAll program.

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