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Food and Human Connection – Say Cheese!

A childhood favorite for many, an occasional comfort food to some, and a complete mystery to others. Grilled cheese.

On the eve of Valentine’s day, a busy Wednesday here at Groundwork, we invited our members to step away from their work to enjoy a complimentary grilled cheese in the kitchen. We provided all the fixings, all they had to do was bring their appetite.

Yes, the food was delightful! But what was most fulfilling about this gathering was the interesting stories, intriguing conversation, and laughs that unfolded while we all enjoyed a simple meal TOGETHER. Get this – two people who came to the lunch had never EVER made a grilled cheese sandwich! As we showed them the ropes, we enjoyed talking about how we learned to make them as children, our favorite variations, and tips on getting the edges perfectly crispy. All the while agreeing that Destination Soups definitely has some kind of secret!

Surprising Spins on the Classic

  • Add some cacoila for a New Bedford twist
  • Layer tomatoes and cheese for a stacked ooey-gooey version
  • Spread butter and sprinkle sea salt on the exterior of the bread before cooking
  • Dip it bite-by-bite in hot sauce for some heat

What’s your favorite way to make a grilled cheese? I encourage you to get the ingredients, set up shop, and enjoy it with your peers, coworkers, friends, or family. Leave the table with full bellies and the satisfaction of human connection.

Caitlin Joseph