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Pam Crombie: Helping businesses thrive on the South Coast

“A coworking space helps me focus better and work harder. If I get distracted and look around the room and see everyone else working, it gets me motivated and back to focusing. It’s also really nice to see different people every time and hear what’s going on in everyone’s life.”

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How coworking helps combat the winter blues

One way joining a coworking space can help lift your spirits is by giving you a sense of community. Being around other people and sharing space with them makes us feel that we are part of something bigger than just ourselves. When we feel we are part of a community, we feel better.

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Productivity tips from productive people

When I’m having trouble getting a handle on a large project I break it down into smaller steps. Sometimes you can become overwhelmed looking at the big picture. Taking  manageable steps keeps me from feeling overwhelmed.

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