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Member Spotlight: Alexander Thillerup

Alexander started coming to Groundwork in the winter just last year. His friendly personality was a welcome addition to our coworking community, as well as the work he is doing. Leading the work of Aegir Wind here in New Bedford, he and his team are helping establish New Bedford as the “First Port of Call” for offshore wind.

What’s your profession?

VP renewables US. I do business development.

Describe a typical workday for you.

Check my calendar. Decide the priorities for the day. Start with high level strategies, more complex stuff in the morning and more trivial stuff in the evening. Try and limit meetings to a third of my time. 

What’s the biggest challenge you face at your job?

Wearing multiple hats at any given time.

Do you have a morning routine?

Yes: Yoga, breakfast, coffee, check my inbox and my calendar. Call my sister (she seldom picks up).

What are your favorite productivity tips or hacks?

Pen and Paper: underrated in these modern times. 

What do you listen to during the day?

Coffee and chill playlist on Spotify

How do you benefit from using a coworking space?

As a consultant I have to move between locations weekly (New Bedford, Boston, New York, and Denmark). At a coworking space I have ‘instant’ colleagues and a familiar place to work. 

What’s in your digital toolbox?

Visio, Dropbox, Pipedrive & Excel.

What is the most surprising or unusual aspect of your life?

That I am getting paid for doing what I love and that I have lived/worked in 7 different countries on 3 continents… but never been to Africa or South America.

What’s inspiring you during the COVID pandemic?

The Danish Prime Minister and a lot of ‘ordinary’ people stepping up and leading in the crisis, if only for a little area. 

If you’d like to learn more about the work he’s doing with the Port of New Bedford, check out this press release published recently on the topic. Interested in joining the Groundwork community? Check out your options here!

Caitlin Joseph