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Coworking and Composting: True Sustainability

It’s no secret that Dena and I are tree-huggers. Just look at our logo:

GW logo TREE ONLYSo the next time you throw out your trash at Groundwork!, you will notice a compost bin. We’re very excited to introduce composting to our waste management system. Sustainability and abundance are an important part of our core values and why we wanted to start a coworking space in the first place.

Our friend and new member Adam Davenport, co-founder of Life’s Epiphany and part of the Grow Education initiative to design gardens in public schools, is spearheading the compost effort at Groundwork!. Here’s a guest post from Adam on what you need to know about composting:

Compost, Coworking, and What You Need to Know


You can chat with Adam about composting when you see him around Groundwork!

I hope for a future, during my lifetime, where pollution is no longer an issue.  Looking back just 40 years into our past, it is amazing to see how far as a nation and world we have come to reduce and even eliminate certain streams of pollution in their tracks.

Nature has no waste, everything is re-birthed into new resources for life.  While we have made this process complicated, our ingenuity can surely find ways to recycle our surplus at some other end.  Recycling has taken off, now let’s start with the easy stuff, food ‘waste.’

Why should we worry about our food scraps that are shipped off to the landfill?

  • 25% of our waste heading to landfills is organic matter, half of that being food waste.
  • Food waste in landfills leads to methane pollution and can create water pollution over time.
  • Methane is 25 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2 over a 100 year period.

What are the soilutions? Maybe soil building earthworms will munch on your apple core to later feed your garden.  Or take it a step further and we could breed plastic eating fungi that produce nutritious proteins for our use.

Groundwork! is about co-working to build community, and this is the foundation for sustainable change taking form.  One by one, each member can make sure that their food waste does not head to the landfill, but is instead made into a sweet smelling, rich, black resource.

Groundwork! food waste will now be collected and added to compost piles that will head to community gardens throughout the city.  Make sure you pick the correct bucket after breakfast and lunch and join the compost revolution!

compost and coworking

Compost in use.

What can be composted?  FAQ’s

Upcoming Compost Experiential Workshop

Practical composting tid bit;

Remember if your compost is smelly and wet add ‘browns’ (leaves, cardboard, etc.), and if it is not breaking down fast enough add some ‘green.’ (food scraps, grass clippings, coffee grounds)

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