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Can I use a coworking space for Google My Business?

Can you use a coworking space for your Google My Business Listing? This image shows a coworking desk and the GMB logo.

A proper Google My Business listing can be a huge driver of leads to your business. But how can you get listed with a proper business address without leasing commercial space? Is it possible to use a coworking space for your Google My Business listing?

The short answer is yes, as long as you play by Google’s rules. Here is how to successfully use a coworking space for your GMB listing without getting suspended:

Rent a dedicated space

You need a fixed, dedicated space within the coworking space. This could be a private office or a dedicated desk, but it can’t be a flex membership where you are floating around to different desks every day. Simply receiving mail at the coworking space address is not enough.

Have a sign

You need visible signage. This will depend on your coworking space’s offerings, but it could be a sign at your desk or office, or a lobby sign.

Receive customers at your space

You need to be available to receive customers in that space, during the office hours listed on your Google My Business profile.

Take photos

Include photos of your desk or office and signs in your Google My Business listing. This helps Google determine whether your listing is legitimate.

Use the mailing address

You should be able to receive mail at the coworking space address listed in your Google My Business Profile. Make sure to use a unique unit or suite number, that will differentiate you from the coworking space itself or other businesses that might be using the address. (The coworking space staff will help you set that up.)

Use your own business phone number

You must be able to answer phone calls on a dedicated line that is separate from the coworking space’s main line.

Cooperate with your coworking space

Remember that your coworking space is taking on the risk and responsibility of a commercial lease and its address is a valuable asset. Be respectful of how the space manages its Google My Business listings. Communicate up front of your intention to use the space’s address and follow their lead.

Check the guidelines regularly

As with all things Google, these guidelines are subject to change. Stay informed and check Google’s information regularly to avoid suspension.

Coworking is a Cost-effective Way to Leverage a Google My Business Listing

If you meet Google’s requirements, a desk or office at a coworking space is a cost-effective solution for startups or small business looking to establish a presence on GMB. When you consider that $1000 is a typical monthly spend on Google Ads, the cost of renting a desk or office is a comparatively small investment for organic traffic through GMB. Plus, you’ll get all the benefits of belonging to a coworking community.

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