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Ana Harris: Using color and style as tools towards empowerment

Ana Harris is a personal stylist, color analysis specialist, and the brilliant owner of Style by Ana Harris. Originally from Ceará, Brazil, her passion for fashion was born at a very young age. Ana began her journey after moving to Petrópolis, Rio where she studied fashion, built her career, and worked backstage during Fashion Rio. In 2020, she decided to utilize her expertise and experiences by creating a business that would allow her to work directly with clients. In these customizable experiences, style and personalized color palettes are tools for empowerment, self-expression, and discovery. Ana’s contagious energy and passion for helping people feel their very best is the driving force behind her work. She aims to guide woman on their path by encouraging them to take up space in the world, dressed to impress, with a light that shines from within.

What’s your profession?

I am a personal stylist and color analysis specialist.

I help my clients find their best colors, improve their wardrobe, shop new staples and understand their body proportions and style.

Describe a typical work day for you.

I work with clients virtual and in person, usually I will see clients in person for color analysis, where I drape the client with fabric swatches to find their best colors and explain to them the best colors for makeup, hair and clothes. In the afternoon, I will often work with my styling clients, helping them with virtual shopping and putting outfits together. My favorite place to be is the client’s closet! :)

What’s the biggest challenge you face at your job?

The solo entrepreneur journey I think. I am Brazilian- I moved to the US in 2018 and I am still learning the language and learning about the business. I am lucky that I have an amazing community that is willing to help. I am grateful for everyone that has been incredibly supportive to me.

Do you have a morning routine?

That has actually changed, now that I am at Groundwork. 

I am a coffee lover, my day starts with coffee and I get ready to head down stairs since I live in the building. 

What are your favorite productivity tips or hacks?

I am a to-do list fan. I have ADHD, so I’m very creative but very forgetful too. To do lists are my best friends. 

What do you listen to during the day?

Hamilton hahaha (Not kidding tho) 

I love Hamilton, Sara Bareilles, Mumford & Sons, Harry Styles, Sam Smith. 

Ps. I know, super random :) 

How do you benefit (or as a new member what do you hope to benefit) from using a coworking space?

I am so excited to be surrounded by the community! That alone is huge. I hope I can give back the greatness I am receiving. 

What’s in your digital toolbox? (Favorite apps, hardware, software, etc.)

I am so old school haha

I love an app called TEZZA for photo editing. Inshot for video editing, Pinterest and my styling app that has my virtual closet and outfits. 

What inspires you?

Light! I love bright places. Music and art, too. I love museums, actually one of my 2024 resolutions is to visit one museum every month. I am looking forward to the next 9.

What are some of your goals for the future?

Help as many women as I can. I truly love my work and love what it does to other people. 

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