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Spotlight: EforAll’s 2019 Summer Cohort

It’s That Time of the Year Again,

As the summer wraps up and people prepare to say goodbye to their kids in college, 8:30 pm sunsets, and the beach, the EforAll 2019 summer cohort is also getting ready to say goodbye to the program and for some, hello to some money.

Some background about EforAll:

For those of you unfamiliar with EforAll, it is a wonderful program that allows small business owners and entrepreneurs to spend 3 months learning the ins and outs of running and growing a business. From marketing to taxes and financial projections to social media, EforAll cohort members get a crash course in what it takes to make their dreams come true.

I can vouch for how spectacular this program is, I went through it last year. In addition to the knowledge gained, they are matched with 3 mentors and introduced to a flourishing network of professionals that are happy to help and collaborate. Oh…and it is free! If the entrepreneur is chosen from the pool of applicants, the whole program costs them nothing but their time. If you want to meet the team behind EforAll SouthCoast, check out this interview.

Meet EforAll’s 2019 Summer Cohort

The EforAll Summer 2019 Cohort is gearing up for their final presentations, of which they have been working all summer towards. With prize money on the line, and a long summer of growth and growing pains we thought we’d showcase these ambitious entrepreneurs and their businesses!

  • Cynthia Chasse – Karma Llamas: Cynthia hand-makes super cute stuffed Llamas. Each Llama is unique and customers can order their own customized Llama. Better yet, Karma Llamas are made using hypoallergenic and vegan friendly fur. There was even a Mothers’ Day Mama Llama with her baby llama!
  • Jennifer Potter – BeYOUtiful Collective: Okay, first lets just take a second to notice how awesomely clever than name is! With BeYOUtiful Collective, Jennifer creates clothing with inspirational and motivational phrase to empower and motivate You to BE the YOU that you want the world to see! With phrases like Be Strong, Be Beautiful, Be You Jennifer hopes to not only help her customers feel confident, but pass those good vibes on to anyone who sees her shirts being worn out in public!

  • Bhen Alan – Rizal Apparell: At Rizal Apparel Bhen creates gender bending fashion and uses clothing as a platform for individual expression of identity, culture and passion. This clothing line promotes social movements through apparel in an effort to share these ideas and connect people.
  • Stephanie Retz – The Tidy Squirrel: Stephanie Retz is a professional organizer who helps her customers declutter their homes and their lives! Through organizing and decluttering, Stephanie helps her customers gain the peace of mind they need to be more efficient and focused at what they want to do in life. Stephanie also uses nutrition to help create balance both inside the home and inside the body.
  • Midori Evans – Midori Creativity: With Midori Creativity, Midori Evans offers meaningful creativity consulting, coaching and workshops to help guide people on their path to reclaiming their creativity and expressing themselves as an individual. Midori specializes in both individual coaching and creative project management. Her services are custom tailored based on the individual’s needs and wants.
  • Yvonne Ide – Ideal Chiropractic Club: Yvonne Ide is a licensed chiropractor who dedicates her focus on prenatal, postpartum, and pediatric chiropractic. Her holistic approach to guiding women through the entire pregnancy and post-pregnancy process goes far beyond just chiropractic help. Yvonne is happy to make house calls and looks at the big-picture of her patients health and well-being.
  • Lindsay Marzulla – Lindsay Marzulla Pet Photography: Lindsay is a professional photographer who creates intimate and personalized photo shoots for family pets. Every pet parent, whether they’re child is furry, fuzzy, feathered or scaled should be able to memorialize their favorite animal!
  • Quinn Harris – Quinn Harris Illustrations: Quinn Harris is a professional illustrator who creates illustrations for entrepreneurs, businesses and those who love nerd culture. His work includes logos, advertising art, and artwork for other projects such as graphic novels, comics and children’s books. Skilled in both digital and physical design, his styles can vary from realism to rubber-hose cartoons.

Seamus Galligan – Galligan Hockey: Galligan Hockey is a youth-focused hockey camp that views hockey as an extension of the classroom. Seamus and his team understand that no child is the same and personalize the training experience based on each child’s individual strengths, weaknesses, and different learning styles. Whether your child is new to hockey or has experience, Seamus will be happy to guide them as they grow their skills!

  • Ana Fernandes – Fearless Wigs: Fearless Wigs creates customized wigs catered to women who suffer from mild to chronic hair loss! At age 12 Ana herself began to experience hair loss and this lead her to create Fearless Wigs. Each wig is hand sown by Ana and is made with hair from Hindu and Buddhist temples in India and Bangladesh!
  • Justine Crowley – Herbal Athlete: Justine Crowley creates specialized tea blends catered to athletes. Herbal Athlete teas are designed to fuel physical performance and assist in recovery. Her blends are all organic and use zero artificial/synthetic ingredients or chemicals!
  • Ayo Ngozi Drayton – The Creative Root: Ayo Ngozi is a clinical herbalist, lifelong creative and educator. At The Creative Root she teaches people how to sustainably create their own self-care herbal and botanical products. She uses digital content, hands on workshops and home-delivered DIY kits!

  • Lucia Soraya DosSantos – Maternal Nurturing Collective: Lucia provides spiritual and holistic coaching services with a hyper-focus on mothers and motherhood. Her goal is to elevate the maternal consciousness, building conditions for the mother to thrive throughout the motherhood life span!
  • Brandi Marino – SOLACE Healing Collaborative: Brandi offers a non-narcotic approach to the treatment and management of chronic pain. Recognizing that traditional treatments of pain can often lead to Opioid Use Disorder, Brandi’s mission is to approach pain treatment from a holistic and collaborative angle!


Are you currently running a business or looking to start one, or do you know someone who is? Look no further! EforAll runs this program twice yearly and the winter cohort applications are still open! The final application deadline is October 18th, 2019. The 2020 winter cohort runs from November 12th 2019 to March 5th, 2020. Anyone is eligible to apply and up to 15 final applicants will be chosen for the cohort!

By Dan Moriarty

Dan Moriarty