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New Bedford’s Best Restaurants – Brought to Groundwork

Don’t Disrupt the Flow

It’s happened to all of us. You go to Groundwork, amped up and ready to get some major work done. You sit down, open up your projects, type a few keys and then– your stomach growls. All of a sudden all that focus is gone and all you can think about is how good the wings are at Greasy Luck or the burgers at DNB. You fight with yourself for ten minutes then ultimately you cave. You pack all your stuff up, go get lunch and come back. You’ve lost an hour+ of work time.

Hate when that Happens? We GotChew!

I’m a team member at GotChew, and boy do I have something for you! With GotChew you can get tons of New Bedford’s best restaurants delivered to Groundwork, never lose time again. Whether you’re in the mood for a healthy salad and smoothie from Juice’d Cafe, or you want to treat yourself to some of Fairhaven’s best Chinese food from Sweet Ginger, get it all brought to your work station.

Hot Food on Stormy Days

New England weather can be harsh. The last thing you want to do is leave the warmth and comfort inside Groundwork. Especially if you weren’t able to snag a close parking spot. Luckily, by getting food delivered you can stay warm and focused while a hot meal is delivered in a heat-saving thermal bag!

Be the MVP!

Having a meeting in one of Groundwork’s conference rooms? Hosting an event? Just feel like making everyone else’s day? There’s no order too big for GotChew! Get catering delivered to Groundwork from a number of New Bedford’s restaurants. Everyone else at the meeting will thank you!


That 2pm wall, we all hit it. We’ve been going steady all morning at our work then BAM – you’d kill for a nap. The hammock is looking really nice. Good news, GotChew is more than just food! You can order coffee from People’s Pressed, Java Shack, or Honey Dew. Not a coffee person? No worries. You can order a superfood smoothie or pressed juice to give you the energy you need to power through that afternoon lag!

Anywhere? We GotChew!

Are you teleworking from home? Is your office not Groundwork? Is it your day off and you just want to treat yourself? It may even be summer and you’re at the beach! Wherever you are, don’t stop what you’re doing to go get food, continue being amazing and have something delicious brought to you by our friends at GotChew.

Dan Moriarty