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Why Content Camp is so much more than content marketing

Content Camp 2019
An energized crew at Content Camp 2019.

Here at Groundwork, we are currently waist-deep in the planning and promoting of our second annual Content Camp. It is a two-day event packed with workshops, group sessions, and a panel discussion covering the many aspects of content marketing.

It’s a big undertaking, and as with any large conference that requires the pre-sale of tickets in order to be successful, it’s scary as hell.

So why do we do it? Why step outside of our comfort zone of selling coworking memberships?

Showcasing local talent

It hit me when I finished adding speaker photos and bios to our website. My heart swelled with pride to see the faces of incredibly talented and experienced people right here on the South Coast.

You might think that you need to go to Boston or Providence to access the brightest minds working in marketing today. But that talent exists right here in our back yard. And I love that we get to shine a spotlight on that talent for Content Camp.

Building Community

Content Camp is a fun and welcoming community event. Groundwork hums all weekend with the vibe of people learning new things and making connections. Business owners get to talk shop with each other and share what works for them. Speakers get to connect with new audiences. And there’s a collective sense of inspiration and purpose that emerges from it all.

Content Camp at Groundwork wide shot
Learning in the company of others is always inspiring.

The Groundwork Mantra

When you walk into Groundwork, you will see lettering on the wall that spells out our mantra:

Work, learn, and meet people.

So Content Camp is really not that far removed from our day to day mission after all– we connect people with each other and with learning opportunities so they can do their best work.

Ready to do your best work?

Are you ready to connect with a community where you can do your best work? Access to Content Camp is included in all Groundwork memberships, so it’s the best way to attend the event AND create ongoing relationships.

Get the full breakdown on Content Camp, and see all the amazing folks I’ve been bragging about, right here.

I hope I’ll see you April 4-5 at Groundwork. I’ve been looking forward to it all year.

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