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How To: Make Marketing Fun (Hint: use video)

If you’ve been following Groundwork! on social media you probably caught a video or two in the past couple of weeks while we pushed our crowdfunding campaign. I pointed out in my last post What I like about Crowdfunding that the process of raising funds online really tests your ability to be creative with marketing.

That being said, Dena and I decided to shoot a video series in the final days of our campaign. The premise: I show up at Dena’s house, uninvited and unplanned, with the idea of camping out together until the IndieGoGo campaign is over.

So we’re poking a bit of fun at the process of crowdfunding: you can run around like crazy, send emails, tweet photos, and beg people on Facebook, but you can’t directly affect the outcome. At some point, there isn’t much left to do but wait.

We’re also telling another story: a story of friendship. After all, one of the reasons we are starting Groundwork! is because we whole-heartedly believe that work is better with friends.

Dena and I didn’t really plan what we were going to say in these videos; rather, we set up a scene (Wouldn’t it be funny to brush our teeth?) and let the camera roll long enough to relax and start interacting naturally. We made ourselves laugh a lot…

The idea was to make you laugh too. Good marketing should create value, or add meaning to our lives. Marketing is our story, our message… our way to connect Groundwork! with ourselves as real people.

It is always nice when the marketing message of a business is congruent with the business itself. In other words, our actions and values should line up with the way we project ourselves. In the case of Groundwork! I truly feel that what you see is what you get. It is a privilege to be on this journey with Dena, my biz partner, and all of you who we have met along the way. Ours is a small community, but it is growing organically every day which is really exciting to see!

We really look forward to sharing our growth as a company with all of you. Exciting things are in store for the Groundwork! community this fall. And yes, that means you can look forward to more videos.

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