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Field Trip to The Hive: Coworking in Rhode Island

Dena and I took a research and development field trip last week to visit our friends at The Hive coworking space in Rhode Island. I stumbled across The Hive while doing a little Google research a couple of months ago. When I reached out to them, co-founders Larry Zevon and Tuni Schartner immediately responded and we’ve had an open and supportive correspondence with them ever since.

We finally made the trek to North Kingston, RI to join the Hive for their “Thursday Lunch and Learn” event, where members gather to eat lunch together and enjoy a talk by a local entrepreneur. Now, for those of you who think coworking is all about dudes in their 20s and 30s listening to their headphones and cranking out code, think again. The lunch talk at the Hive featured local RI herbalist Susan Clements of Earth and Ocean Wellness Center, who led us on a nature walk and taught us to identify local healing herbs! Dena and I, who were actually discussing tinctures on the drive down to RI, were pleasantly surprised. (In case you missed it, I talk about DIY beauty products in my post freelancing to save the world.)


Earth and Ocean Wellness at the Hive

Learning about herbs with Susan Clements. Photo courtesy of The Hive RI.


After checking out the local herbs, Dena and I spent some time talking to Tuni about her vision of reinvigorating the Southern RI economy. Tuni sees diversity of businesses as essential to the Hive mission, and it shows. The members of the Hive and occupants of its surrounding offices include offerings as varied as community acupuncture, digital marketing, IT staffing services, a boutique hair salon, wellness coaching, and more.


Groundwork! meets the Hive

Dena chats with Tuni Schartner at the Hive.


We left the Hive feeling energized and excited about the ways Groundwork! will bring a similar diversity to the economy of New Bedford. The hospitality of our friends at the Hive also reaffirmed what we love about the coworking movement: founders are often more than willing to share information and help others find success. We recognize that success for others means success for us, and this is at the core of the coworking movement.

Our field trip to the Hive ended with a stop in New Bedford to enjoy the festivities of AHA! Night. You can read all about AHA in Dena’s forthcoming post.

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  1. Larry Zevon on July 29, 2014 at 3:34 am

    Thank you for coming down! I raced from a meeting to make the walk (just in time), but regretted not knowing you were there! Love the way the new space looks and looking forward to your opening in October.


    • Sarah on July 29, 2014 at 1:29 pm

      Thanks Larry! We loved your space. Definitely come to New Bedford for a visit.

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