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Coworking helps us move more & movement matters

Coworking is about so much more than just working. It’s about community. It’s about having a place outside of your home to go when you need to focus. It’s about workshops, member events, and kitchen chats where you might learn how to use TikTok or when the best time to post on social media is. And it’s about movement. Movement? Yup. Coworking helps us move more and movement matters.

Coworking helps us move more and movement matters!

WFH keeps us stationary

It can be great to work from home on occasion. You can have the freedom to work when and how you want to. But that freedom has it’s setbacks as well. One setback of WFH is that you tend to remain in one place more often. Staying stationary can make us feel more tired and impinge on our overall productivity. If you don’t have to get up for any pressing reason, often you simply won’t.

Working outside of the home can help

When we have to leave the house for work, we move more just by necessity. We may even walk to work, which is a big bonus! But even if we are just walking to our car, it’s movement we may not have done if we had worked from home. Going in to a coworking space can motivate you to move more because there are more things to do, more people to talk to, and more places you might need to walk to. You won’t remain stationary in a coworking space.

As Groundwork owner Sarah Athanas states,

“When I work at home, I’ll hit about 3,000 steps in a day, and that includes taking a quick walk around the neighborhood. My days at Groundwork average about 7,000 steps, and if I walk to work I hit the 10k mark easily.”

Being in a coworking space helps us move more and that matters.

All movement is good movement & some is better than none

Movement doesn’t have to be an exercise routine. We tend to think of movement in terms of exercise and that’s not always true. Any movement is good movement. The Anschutz Health and Wellness Center advises to start small in terms of movement and to just move, because that’s what matters! Whether we are simply adding steps to our day or doing a few stretches every time we get up from our desk chair, it all matters for your over-all well-being. Even small movements can add up and make a big difference. Coworking allows us to move more and all movement matters. So what are you waiting for? Get up and go friends; let’s walk our way back into shared spaces, like coworking, and into better whole body and mind health. We’re worth it.

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