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Community Membership

Don't need a desk? You can get support and inspiration wherever you work.

Meet good people. Do good work...

Do you want to feel more engaged and lit up by your work?

Would you like to connect with peers who can support you and motivate you on your journey? 

Are you interested in becoming a better human and contributing to a community?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you're in the right place.

I don't need a workspace. Why should I join this community?

Expand your network—without the icky feeling

We hear from members time and time again that they want to meet people and expand their networks without the icky, transactional feeling of many networking events. Our community is a space to build authentic relationships for meaningful collaborations and referrals.

Don’t go it alone

Working independently is incredibly rewarding, but it can be hard. Whether you’re on your own as a solopreneur or just working remotely away from the office, personal connection and a sense of belonging help you stay motivated and happy week after week.

Maintain your professional edge

Investing in yourself  will help you build and retain your professional edge. We are committed to sharing best practices and offering educational resources to keep you on top of your game and advancing in your career.

“While I may not see everyone as much as I would like… I feel like there is a community that has my back. GW rocks!”

- Margo Crawford, Wave Productivity

“I feel continue to ensure that we have access to this awesome space and community, so thank you!” 

-Francesca Martin, Solutions for Community

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What's included in a community membership?

Invitations to all community events

Join us for bookclub, Meditation Monday, Town Hall meetings, Breakfast of Champions (member lightning talks), our wildly popular annual holiday party and pie contest, work accountability groups, work labs, work sprints, and more.

A profile in our community database

Other members can get to know you personally and find common interests.

Membership to our Slack workspace

Hang out at our virtual water cooler, where we exchange articles, recipes, referrals, jokes, and more. You can also chat with other members one-on-one.

Access to our full library of webinars

Learn about topics like marketing, financial planning, goal setting, and more.

Promotion of you and your business

We love to brag about our members in our blog, newsletter, and social media channels. 

Special rates on day passes and hourly rentals

Get members-only savings! Book access to the coworking space at 20% less than the listing price.

“I'm loving the energy and commitment of this community!”

-Midori Evans, Midori Creativity

“Thank you for all you're doing to foster community in these weird times. It is VERY much appreciated!”

-Marlissa Brigett, South Coast Almanac

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Is the community membership for people like me?

Our community consists of a broad range of professionals, including freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote workers, students, non-profits, and many more. Our diversity is our strength, and we welcome all people with open arms.

What is my investment?

Our community membership is offered on a pay what you can basis. 

We want our community to be accessible to everyone who could benefit, so we invite you to pay at a level that feels comfortable for you. Building community takes time, effort, and ongoing investment. We ask that you make an annual commitment at the monthly fee of your choice to help us sustain these great benefits and more.

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