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See ya later Groundwork!


I was lucky enough to meet Sarah and Dena last year in one of my business classes. One of the major projects in the class was to collaborate with a local business and help them develop a plan to solve a problem they were facing. My group was assigned to Groundwork! and my life hasn’t…

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Meet Abby Wright: Photographer behind “Vinegar”


Abby Wright is a Senior Photography student in CVPA at UMass Dartmouth and a fellow pushy women. She is the creator of “Vinegar”, a body of work that speaks her truth about feminism and what she has experienced as a women in today’s society. “Vinegar” is a part of “Self-Evident Truths”, a collection of works…

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Member Spotlight: Daniel Calabrese

Dan Calabrese

Dan Calabrese wins the prize for most “visually exciting” entrepreneur at Groundwork! If you get to work on a day he’s looking at shoe samples, you can check out some new styles and maybe even try them on for feedback. Dan also merits recognition for member growth– he just added a new employee to the…

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Member Spotlight: Jordan Pouliot

Jordan Pouliot

Jordan won our hearts when she told us her dissertation was about women restaurant owners. Women, business, and food– what’s not to like about that? Aside from her dissertation topic we appreciate Jordan for bringing her friendly yet focused energy to our space. She has also reconnected us with our friends at The Women’s Fund…

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Member Spotlight: Mark Collins

Mark Collins & dolphin

We first crossed paths with Mark Collins at the Providence Entrepreneurs Meetup and at the South Coast WordPress Meetup here at Groundwork! It wasn’t until after Mark joined the Groundwork team in March of 2016 that we discovered he was an under-cover yogi with a meditation practice and affinity for Hindu Philosophy. I’ve personally enjoyed some pre-work…

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Meet Mark Phelan: Artist behind “Mental Mapping”

GW artist MarkP

Can you describe “Mental Mapping (is heavy lifting)” to us? Mental Mapping is a group of paintings and drawings that I have been working on since I finished grad school last year, with a couple that I made at the tail end of grad school too, where the idea germinated and began to take root.…

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Coworking Abroad: Startup Weekend in the Azores

Startup Weekend Azores

This year I was lucky enough to be one of the 15 Business undergrad and graduate students selected to participate in an International Entrepreneurship class. This class was special. It came with the privilege and opportunity to represent America during a trip to São Miguel, one of the nine Azorean islands of Portugal, during spring…

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Social Media: A college student’s perspective

snap image2

Thank goodness social media, and the way we use it, has been evolving as quickly as we do. Looking back at my old posts, that Facebook and Timehop love to remind me about, I can’t help but get red in the face and ask myself, ‘what the hell was I thinking?’ When Facebook was relatively…

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Sustaining Sea Scallops: Fish, Farm and Film Night!


We are screening Sustaining Sea Scallops tonight at Groundwork! The locally produced and filmed documentary is about how researchers and fishermen team-up to improve the sustainability of not only their industry, but also the underwater ecosystem. Hang out after the screening for a Q&A with the director! Screening begins at 6:30pm and Q&A at 7:05pm.…

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