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Best of: How Coworking Makes Us Healthy

Coworking is good for your health and that’s a fact. Here at Groundwork, we’re always looking at how coworking can better your life, your mood, and your health. Here are some of the best posts we’ve published concerning wellness, from mental health to movement. If you don’t already know all the ways joining a coworking space can better your life and overall wellbeing, take a look at these blogs, and spread the word!

The importance of routine & why having one helps you work better

This post focuses on how having a consistent routine helps with over-all productivity, helping you work and live better.

How WFH can negatively affect your mental health

This blog examines some of the ways WFH can make you feel isolated and therefore negatively affect your metal health.

Coworking helps us move more & movement matters

Learn some of the ways working in a coworking space allows us to move more and how important all movement is for our health and well-being.

How coworking helps combat the winter blues

In this post we discuss some of the ways coworking can help your mental health in the long, often lonely winter months.

How to take your workout to the next level (and location) with Jason Cotsoridis

If you are looking for a new workout routine this year, look no further than Jason Cotsoridis, owner and operator of Agile Health & Fitness, a mobile gym designed to come to you and meet you where you’re at. This is a spotlight interview with Jason about his business and passions.