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The importance of routine & why having one helps you work better

Working outside of home can help you stick to a routine.

We all know by now the importance of routine while working from home. Whether you get distracted by someone in your household or simply by your own lack of motivation, it’s clear that staying consistent in your daily routine can feel impossible. But do you know how much you can benefit from having a routine? And what better way to have a routine than to get out of the house and have a separate space to go to work? Here are just a few of the ways that having a consistent routine can help your work-life balance.

Increase Overall Productivity

Studies show that having a routine can help in over-all productivity. The importance of having a routine away from home is clear when it comes to how productive we are. Make your time away from home count!

Just ask any Groundwork member how coming into a coworking space helps them with their routine and you’ll hear a variety of answers, including how much more productive we are when not at home. According to member Samia Walker,

“At home I have no routine, and I’m not being my best self professionally. But coming in here, I get more stuff done, because it creates a routine for me to excel professionally.”

Stay organized & focused

It can be difficult to stay organized while at home. Making a plan and sticking to it is a lot easier without the distractions that come from our home lives. When we come into a coworking space, we are able to focus solely on our work, which helps us stay focused.

As Groundwork member David says,

“It’s nice to know I have a place to come to for a reset… it helps keep me focused.”

Create boundaries between work life and home life

Having a routine doesn’t just help you work better, it helps you live better. Having a place you can go to work outside of your home can help you maintain a routine, and feel prepared in all aspects of your life. As Groundwork member Pam puts it,

“Having a routine helps create a mental transition between tasks for me… it helps to make sure that things that need to be accomplished on a regular basis don’t get overlooked… and not being at home means I don’t have to waste brain space on non-work related things.”

If you struggle with creating and keeping a routine, joining a coworking space can help. Make it part of your routine to work away from home in a quiet, professional environment that allows you to be productive, focused, and stay organized. You could even consider renting a meeting room once in a while to focus and dig into your most important projects. You’ll be glad you did!