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How to stay on track with your goals

It’s almost March– are you on track with the goals you set at the beginning of the year? We asked three goal-setting experts who are members at Groundwork– a CPA, a productivity coach, and a life coach– to share their best tidbit of advice for sticking to your goals. Here’s what they had to say:

One bite at a time

Lisa Raiche - stay on track with goals

Lisa Raiche, CPA, Bodhi Business Advisors

As humans we LOVE to create goals that are so GI-NORMOUS, the reality of ever achieving them is nonexistent.

Shockingly, (I’ll spare you my shocked face) we get discouraged & quit. As overused as this meme may be:

“How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

Your bigger goal has to be attainable with smaller bites to to keep you engaged with small wins along the way. Keep taking the goal & breaking it down as low as you can go  Don’t just want to lose weight, lose 20 pounds in six (6) months, lose an average of 1 pound per week, with eat breakfast every morning, bringing a homemade lunch to work (versus eating fast food each day). You get my point– now go get after it!

Anticipate setbacks

Margo Crawford - goals

Margo Crawford, Productivity Coach, Wave Productivity

Many people write down their goals in the New Year. One area that gets overlooked, and where we might struggle, is the struggle itself. We tend to be unprepared for the setbacks we have throughout the year that throw us off our goals. In the frustration, we abandon those goals and go rogue.

Planning for the setbacks that might occur and mapping out the comebacks that you can take in the face of adversity can be a great help in staying on track.

Focus on Feelings

Lauren Lemieux, Life Coach, Coaching to Fulfill Dreams

When it comes to accomplishing your goals, consider how doing so will make you feel.  What is important about reaching your goal?  Use that feeling as the driver of your focus. And, if you find yourself procrastinating or straying from your path, get curious about what may be prompting those choices.

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