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New Bedford Book Festival: A story of people and books.

People still love books. If you don’t believe me, you should have been at Groundwork! last weekend for the New Bedford Book Festival. An estimated 400 visitors came through our doors during Saturday and Sunday to meet local authors, listen to readings, and buy books.

And books they did buy– from history, to children’s stories, to poetry, to mystery, fantasy, and more. If there was one thing that impressed me about the festival it was that people bought a lot of books.

New Bedford Book Festival

The second thing that impressed me? People like to interact with each other. Looking around Groundwork! during the book fest, I saw friends bumping into each other, spontaneous conversations, folks hanging out and chatting on the couches, and a very social crowd at the lunch counter chowing down on Destination Soups.

It was hard not to notice that people seemed happy. Very happy.

Destination Soups

So my conclusion is that books and socializing make people happy.

It’s easy to think that we are entering into a dire new phase of life with our constant texting, tweeting, and scanning of headlines and Facebook timelines. Have we forgotten how to converse face to face? Have we lost the focus it requires to read an entire novel?

It the New Bedford Book Festival was any indication, the answer is a resounding no. There are at least 400 of us who appreciate holding a book in our hands and conversing in real time, face to face, with other humans.

What does this mean for the future? More book festivals! More fun. And more ways we can connect with each other meaningfully. It’s always happening here at Groundwork!, your local coworking space.

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