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Dolores Hirschmann on Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs

Dolores Hirschmann

Dolores Hirschmann is passionate about helping people clarify their ideas.

Dolores Hirschmann is a Groundwork! member as well as the organizer of TEDxNewBedford. I’ve been fortunate to work with Dolores first on the TEDx organizing team, and later as a TEDx speaker.

One thing I’ve learned about Dolores is that she is passionate about helping people clarify their ideas. She truly loves what she does, and it has been a pleasure to watch her TEDx experiences shape her coaching business and vice versa.

In this interview, Dolores explains how she works with clients, and why we all need to examine our limiting beliefs.

Describe the work you do with clients.

At Masters in Clarity, we believe that a clear concise message and an aligned entrepreneur is a successful entrepreneur. We guide our clients to master the clarity of message, of who they are, and what impact they want to have in the world. We guide them to communicate with their own unique voice and lead their companies in a way that flows naturally with who they are. We give them the coaching, support, and accountability they need to grow their businesses.

What is the most common area clients want to improve when they decide to work with you?

My clients are looking to:

  • Clarify their message, value proposition, and market niche so that they can grow their business
  • Learn and implement best business practices
  • Understand what kind of leaders they are so that they can empower their teams
  • Gain the confidence to play bigger
  • Have an accountability partner that will keep them moving forwards towards their goals
Masters in Clarity workshop

Dolores with a group coaching session at Groundwork!

What do you find are common barriers to progress and success for the people you work with?

My clients are big thinkers, visionaries, they dream big. Many times, what stops them is bringing this vision into clear actionable steps; having a blueprint, a plan of action. Wether they are looking to grow their business or improve themselves, sometimes they are not fully aware of what areas they need to focus on or how to shift. Breaking down the challenges in detail, really helps them clarify, design a plan and consistently take action.

How do you help people break through their problem areas? What techniques do you use?

I combine my coaching skills (using powerful questions, mirroring, shifting perspectives, role playing, and other tools) to help them move past their challenge. I also combine 20+ years of entrepreneurship, marketing, and communications to implement tactical strategies to succeed.

What advice would you give readers who want to improve a certain aspect of their lives?

When we talk about personal development we are always dealing with our own internal boundries. Whatever we want to improve in our lives (our health, our work/career, our finances, relationship, etc.) we have to ask: “How am I staying stuck? What boundry or limiting belief do I have around this area that is keeping me in this place, not seemingly able to break through?” Our lives are designed in our mind, and in our belief system. When we challenge our beliefs, we can envision conquering that part of our lives.

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