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6 people in your life who need a coworking gift certificate

coworking gift certificates from Groundwork

Calling all last-minute shoppers! If any of these people are on your list, they will love to unwrap a coworking gift certificate:

  1. The person who complains about “How hard it is to meet cool people around here.”
  2. Your partner who works at home all day and thinks the kitchen table can double as an office.
  3. Your friend who is a freelancer and spends at least $100/month in coffee shops.
  4. Your accountant/coach/graphic designer/marketing person/awesome freelancer who did amazing work for your business this year and deserves a little love.
  5. Your son, daughter, niece, or nephew who just scored an internship and could benefit from a more professional environment.
  6. Your friend who wants to change the world, started a non-profit, and needs a place to hold board meetings.

Gift Certificates are available for $25, $125, or a custom value. Grab yours here >

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