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Holiday Gift Certificates

Rescue your loved ones from WFH burnout this winter!

Working from home is great... until it's not. While many people love the flexibility of working from home, most agree that spending some time in the office is helpful for:

  • Improved focus
  • Higher productivity
  • Better work/home separation
  • Valuable time away from spouses, pets, and children
  • Feeling less isolated and lonely

This winter, treat somebody you love to a better work-life balance. Groundwork is COVID-safety compliant, and our bright and cheery space will soothe your winter blues.

"During our COVID-19 world, Groundwork is now even more valuable to me. I have heard the complaints of many friends and coworkers who find the isolation of working from home depressing. They cite the need for social distancing but the reality is that many have settled for social isolation. Groundwork has stressed and continually practices all the hygienic procedures necessary in the new normal. They have encouraged and received the cooperation of its members. I feel safe! I feel socially active as we learn to “smile with our eyes”. And I’m productive. That’s a winning combination."

-Paul Criscuolo, Member since 2017

PLUS: A special treat for YOU

We're offering you a special treat this year, because you deserve it! Purchase any of the gift certificate packages below, and get one of equal value for yourself at no extra charge. It's been a rough year. Let us be your safe haven this winter.

coworking gift certificates from Groundwork

Available in three packages:

All gift certificates come ready for gifting in a festive bag with Groundwork swag.

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