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Our COVID-19 Action Plan

UPDATE: Groundwork is closed on March 20 until further notice.

Dear friends, 

It looks like COVID-19 will get worse before it gets better. Given the serious nature of the current situation, here is how we are responding.

  1. We are staying open- with limited operations- until further notice.
    • We encourage you to stay home as much as possible and flatten the curve. However, many of you are facing situations with young kids or college students at home, and the opportunity to get a few quiet hours of work done may be critical for you.
    • We ask that you maintain the recommended 6ft of social distance at all times while you are at GW. As large meetings have been cancelled, we are opening up Moby and Draper as work areas to allow for extra space.
    • We are limiting staff to one person per day, to do our part in limiting exposure and flattening the curve.
  2. We are focusing a LOT of energy on creating new ways for you to interact as a community:
    • If you’re not on Slack, now is a great time to get started. Ping me or Caitlin for help getting set up. Slack is our virtual chat channel, and a great way to connect, converse, and share news with each other. 
    • We are launching daily check-ins via Zoom. Every day at 2:30pm you can hop into our Zoom room and share how you are doing and what you are working on. These Zoom convos will be open to the public every Friday, so others who are feeling isolated can get some support. (We are sending details to our members about this. If you’re not a member, get in touch.)
    • We are shifting our lunch and learn programming, weekly meditation, and yoga to virtual formats. Stay tuned for information as we work out the details.
  3. The previous guidelines we’ve issued continue to stand:
    • Increased cleaning and sanitation will continue
    • We have cancelled all public events and we ask you to cancel all meetings with non-members
    • We ask that you follow the CDC guidelines about staying home when sick, washing your hands frequently, and social distancing

Our mission at Groundwork is to bring out the best in you, our members. We focus our efforts around three tenants:

  • Caring about each other
  • Maintaining a healthy work environment
  • Creating opportunities to learn and share

While our use of the physical space as a community focal point will be limited for the foreseeable future, we are dedicated to delivering on our mission in new and innovative ways. And while it may not be advisable to “get out of the house and get work done,” we need each other and our community more than ever during these uncertain times.

We are monitoring the situation closely as news and recommendations are changing rapidly. We will keep you updated if anything changes in our operations. Should we experience a prolonged disruption in our ability to provide service, we will roll out a discount or credit plan that is fair for all members.

We anticipate that the economic impact will hit all of us in the next few months, and we support you in making the best decisions you can for yourself and your business. We humbly ask that you stick with us through the uncertainty to the extent you are able. A significant loss in memberships would put us into a precarious situation, and we want to be here when this is all over.

Thank you all for your support. This too, shall pass.

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