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How coworking can help you attract and retain top talent

coworking retain talent

Keep your employees happy by allowing them to work at a coworking space.

You’ve heard it by now: the way we work is changing. More and more businesses offer flexible work arrangements, and some businesses employ an entirely remote workforce. In fact,  employees value flexible work options just as much as benefits and pay.

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65% of US companies expect to use coworking as part of their portfolio by 2020. The obvious benefit to using a coworking space rather than a traditional office setup is the potential for cost savings. Yet an even more important benefit could be employee satisfaction.

According to a study by Harvard Business Review, people who use coworking spaces report high levels of thriving, because they:

  • See their work as meaningful

  • Have more job control

  • Feel part of a community

Even if you don’t plan to move away from a traditional office space anytime soon, a part-time coworking membership is a cost-effective way to give your employees a sense of flexibility and autonomy.

Coworking as an Employee Benefit

There are several ways to leverage your local coworking space as a benefit for your employees (and your company). Here are a few:

  • Encourage teams to hold offsite meetings at a coworking space. Offsite meetings are a great way to encourage focus and creativity, and build team camaraderie.
  • Allow your employees to work part-time at a coworking space. This could be as often as once a week or as little as a couple of times a year. Working out of a coworking space will give your employees a sense of autonomy, while also building visibility for your brand in the local entrepreneur community.
  • Attend events and workshops at your local coworking space. Most spaces offer public networking events, workshops, and other opportunities for your team to integrate with the coworking community. You may even find an opportunity to teach a workshop or host an event, furthering your brand’s visibility among local entrepreneurs.

Coworking Supports a Vibrant Community

Coworking spaces tend to be centers of activity and innovation, so if you are lucky to have one in your city or town, it is wise to align your business with the space however you can. You will support a positive local movement while also keeping your own people happy, motivated, and purposeful at work.

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