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A Resounding Success: Content Camp 2019

On the weekend of April 27th-28th local entrepreneurs and change-makers hunkered down for an intense and informative two day crash course in all things content creation! #ContentCamp2019 was put on by the Groundwork team and Bloggin’ Ninja founder Noi Sabal, a big thanks to both of them.

Content Camp? What’s That?

What isn’t it!? #ContentCamp2019 exposed entrepreneurs to an immersive experience designed to show small business owners how to create content just like the big guys. Entrepreneurs spent two days attending classes, workshops and lectures from industry specialists. Topics ranged from social media and podcasts to target markets and blog topics. Even better, all attendees received a complimentary 6 month community membership to Groundwork and a 6 month subscription to Bloggin’ Ninja software. As well as enough food and drinks for everyone to have seconds!

Gather. Connect. Ignite.

Attendees to #ContentCamp2019 were able to learn from a number of local industry specialists including:

– Mark Devincentis – Identify Your Target Market.

– Tricia Breton – Mapping the Customer Journey.

– Noi Sabal – Brainstorming Blog Topics.

– Matt Mederios – YouTube Content Creation.

– Katie Brierley – Developing a Consistent Tone & Voice.

– Sarah Athanas – Practical Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your Content.

– Alicia Porter – Creating a 6 Month Content Calendar.

Learning from this amazing group of local specialists was just the beginning. Attendees were able to seek advice from them during workshop times and connect with over a beer during networking hours. They were also able to ask questions to a group of panelists including Matt Mederios, Mia Germain, Ellie Fragata, and Tyson Moultrie.

The First of Many: Stay tuned for future editions

Upset you missed #ContentCamp2019? Don’t be! Stay tuned to Groundwork and attend next year’s edition. In addition to Content Camp, Groundwork hosts a number of valuable and informative events year round. Even if you missed this one, you can catch the next one.

As someone who attended #ContentCamp2019, I couldn’t suggest it more! Not only did I learn a number of different pro-tips to be applied to my own career in content creation, but I made connections with other local change-makers that I already know will be extremely mutually beneficial in the future. Thank you to Noi and Sarah!

Dan Moriarty