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A College Student’s View on Entrepreneurship and Coworking Spaces

Vanderwarker_mg_3662-001[1]College is mostly based off of classic classroom settings and all-nighters in the library and as most people know this can become very repetitive. After years of this cycle, how do we feel about branching out into an interactive, community building location such as a coworking space? I interviewed UMass business students about what entrepreneurism means to them and how they would feel working in a location such as Groundwork!


What do you think of when you hear the term Entrepreneur?

Student 1: When I think of the word entrepreneur, I envision someone starting off a business with his or her own plan. They’re someone who has a dream, and is self-motivated enough to attempt to achieve it.

Student 2: When I hear of the word entrepreneur I think of a risk taker. A person with a vision who might not be understood at times because of their vision but cares enough and will work hard enough to make their vision a reality.

If you were an Entrepreneur would you consider working in a coworking space?

Student 1: Yes! I feel like a coworking space could be extremely beneficial for entrepreneurs starting off. For those who really do start from scratch, a co-working space could be a great area to work and brainstorm in without the difficulty of purchasing your own workspace.

Student 2: If I was starting an entrepreneurship I will definitely consider working in a coworking space. I believe that by having a diverse group of people working on different projects, it could give me a different insight. I believe you can learn something from any situation.

What do you feel are the benefits of working in a coworking space?

Student 1: A coworking facility could also be extremely beneficial for entrepreneurs looking to network with other businesses, and could open doors to new opportunities.

Student 2: I think there are different benefits. I’m looking at cost efficiency. Working in a coworking space may be cheaper especially if the person is trying to save money for other priorities and such. You can also make connections from the other people you will be working with.


UnknownStudents are constantly looking for the next networking opportunity, especially for those who are graduating soon. Coworking spaces give them a chance to continue their dreams without being bogged down to pressures of jumping at the first job that comes their way. With new, millennial-minded goals intertwined with an entrepreneur attitude, a coworking space can be a beneficial step to their final goal.

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