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Growing with Groundwork!

As my graduation hour glass slowly runs out of sand I find myself becoming nostalgic upon my internship experience here at Groundwork!. I started out as a newbie to the coworking game, eager to learn more about the space and its people. Now 6 months later I have learned the ins and outs from the pesky coffee maker to writing and promoting Groundwork! everywhere I go. Whenever I hear someone question what a coworking space is I am quick to give them my honest opinion.

After interning at a coworking space I have gained many connections, learned new skills, and overall absorbed as much information as I could before I embark on my adult life in just a few months.

first day

For my first semester I started off building Groundwork!’s connections on Twitter which can be a simple task but I learned about all the unique businesses around New Bedford as well as my new favorite burrito place, No Problemo. This allowed me to get a great sense of the community and what Groundwork! was looking for in its members.

As I went on with my internship I started posting blogs on the space’s website and promoting all the creative events they host. This allowed a door to open up for me giving a different perspective to New Bedford and its rich sense of collaboration. One of the greatest memories I have here is my experience with TedX New Bedford.

For some unannounced reason I did not know what Ted Talks were prior to my experience at Groundwork!. I was able to write blogs about this experience both before and after giving me the insider’s experience. Now, as a senior marketing major I fed off of this event and couldn’t wait to watch it for my own eyes. Why haven’t I seen these before? I now find myself watching them a little too often.


From interning with Groundwork!, I felt that I have grown with this coworking space. Starting off in the pint sized beta room, then transforming everyday into the amazing space it is today. I started off with very limited knowledge on social media marketing, New Bedford culture, and the diversity that lies right outside of UMass Dartmouth. Groundwork! is a great addition to the South Coast and although my time here is dwindling I can’t wait to see what changes this coworking space makes on the city of New Bedford.

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