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5 ways to feel better this week

Lots of people I know are in a slump these days. Personally, I’m dealing with spurts of low motivation. Others I know are angry, upset, or anxious. It ain’t fun. And yet here we are.

I’m finding success in things that are simple and good. Now is not the time to plan ambitious workout routines or habit changes, at least for me. Small wins can be powerful.

I’m no personal wellness guru, but I do find that sharing what works can be helpful. So here’s what I’ve been doing to feel better. I hope something on this list works for you.

Stop reading the news.

“What information consumes is rather obvious: it consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention, and a need to allocate that attention efficiently among the overabundance of information sources that might consume it.”

Herbert Simon

I know, I know. There are so many important things going on. But how much time have you spent reading daily COVID updates or the latest from the idiocracy in the White House? Has it helped?

Check out this essay on Why You Should Stop Reading the News. It makes a lot of sense. Try this instead: keep books close at hand at all times. When you catch yourself doing that mindless scroll-click-scan, stop and grab a book. It works.

Tell someone how much they mean to you.

Tony Schwartz, CEO of The Energy Project, reminds us that expressing appreciation to others is one of the best ways to fuel positive emotions in yourself. It’s such a simple concept, and yet so easy to forget in our daily lives. Try blocking a recurring event in your calendar that reminds you to pick up the phone or send an email to someone you appreciate.

On a personal note, words of encouragement from Groundwork members and friends are pretty much what keeps me going these days. Sharing your gratitude and appreciation could really make somebody else’s day.

Do less.

Achievers: I’m talking to you. It’s okay to do less right now. In fact, it’s always okay to do less. Maybe this is your grand opportunity to let go of your addiction to achievement. I know this isn’t easy. If you’re like me, you have a bad habit of measuring your self-worth by the things you get done.

Yet it has come to my attention recently that life is more than paying bills and crossing off items on your to-do list. How else can you show up and feel worthy?

Give yourself a gift.

Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it. Don’t wait for it. Just let it happen. It could be a new shirt at the men’s store, a catnap in your office chair, or two cups of good, hot black coffee.

Agent Cooper, Twin Peaks

Sage advice from everybody’s favorite fictional FBI Agent. In fact, I have nothing further to add here. But I will say that we’ve got plenty of delicious coffee— hot or cold– on hand for our members if that’s your thing.


I don’t know about you all, but I find myself having silly giggle fits more often these days. I think it might be a byproduct of emotional stress. But whatever it is, I’ll take it!

We know that laughter makes us feel good physically. We also know that having a sense of humor is a common quality in resilient people. So find something that gives you unapologetic, pee-your-pants giggles. I promise you will feel better afterwards. Here’s one to get you started:

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