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Workbar@Staples Will Bring Coworking to the Suburbs


Earlier this month we got some big news: Workbar and Staples announced a collaboration to bring coworking spaces into three Staples stores in the Boston suburbs: Danvers, Norwood, and Brighton. The spaces will be about 3,000 square feet each and feature the usual mix of coworking elements: open work spaces, private offices, conference rooms, fast WiFi, and bottomless coffee and tea. The collaboration, according to Workbar CEO and co-founder Bill Jacobson, allows Workbar to bring the perks of coworking to people who live outside the city, without the commute.

What does this mean for us at Groundwork!?

As part of the Workbar Network, our members now get access to even more locations across Massachusetts, which is pretty cool news to us. The more our network grows, the more value we can provide to our members by connecting them to people, spaces, talent, events, and jobs all over the state.

Furthermore, we get an insider’s view as this new chapter in coworking and retail unfolds. Curious? Check out this Wall Street Journal writeup on Workbar@Staples, or read Bill Jacobson’s words on the Workbar Blog.

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