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Working from your home office? Here’s why you need a virtual mailbox.

Still getting business mail at home? Read on…

Still using a home address for your consulting or freelance work? Here’s why you need a virtual mailbox.

A virtual mailbox is when you pay a monthly fee to use a professional street address for your business. Your mail goes to that address, where it is securely sorted and then uploaded to an online portal. You log into the portal, view your mail, and then request to have it scanned, shredded, recycled, or forwarded based on your needs.

It’s a simple and affordable service. If you’re self-employed, running a small organization, or starting a side hustle, you can’t afford NOT to have it. Here’s why:

You get a professional business address.

The number one reason people sign up for a virtual mailbox at Groundwork is to establish a professional business address. Nothing screams unprofessional to your clients like a residential address or PO Box! Once you are a virtual mailbox client, you can also register your LLC or S-Corp with your new professional address.

Establish a local presence without paying office rent.

If your business is in operation in one city, and you want to expand your footprint to a new area without renting an office, virtual mailboxes are the way to go. Use our address in your marketing and promotional materials to establish a local presence and gain access to a new market of customers.

Privacy and security.

If you’d rather not have clients knocking on your front door during dinnertime. don’t share your address with them. Using a virtual mailbox allows you to keep your home office private and separate from work.

The added security of a virtual mailbox can also help to prevent identity theft. All mail at Groundwork is delivered to a locked mailbox, which our staff checks daily and then sorts into a locked file in our secure space. Your mail is never vulnerable to theft. FedEx and UPS packages are delivered to our staffed reception desk during business hours.

Read your mail even when you’re on vacation.

Waiting for an important piece of mail when you leave on vacation? With a virtual mailbox, you can read your mail from anywhere. You’ll get notified when items arrive, and then you can request our team to scan and upload documents for you.

Stay organized and eliminate clutter.

Let us deal with recycling and shredding unwanted paper. We’ll scan and forward only what you request, and the rest will be disposed of so it never clutters up your kitchen table. Take that, junk mail!

Downsize and cut business costs.

If 2020 made you realize that you don’t need that expensive office rent after all, you can still maintain a professional address and presence. Virtual mailboxes are a great option for businesses that want to consolidate and cut costs. All virtual customers at Groundwork enjoy a 20% discount on meeting room rentals and day passes, so our office is here for you when you need it.

Ready to get started? Virtual mailboxes at Groundwork start at $19.99/month. Check out our plans and sign up for yours here.

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