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WEBSITE REVIEW: Sunrise Bakery and Coffee Shop

sunriseI’ve always considered viewing a website for an eatery to be an exquisite agony. Stuck at your desk looking over dish after delicious dish is a bit like torture. But at least checking out the website for Sunrise Bakery and Coffee Shop is a delicious torture.

Even the titles are enough to make your mouth water: Click on “Breads, Sweets & More” and up pops Caramel Apple Oatmeal Bars, Lemon Cream Cupcakes, Sweet Bread Rolls, Raspberry Cheesecake Bars and oh, man – I could go on but my stomach is starting to rumble. All of Sunrise Bakery’s beloved treats get a shot at stardom on

Most readers are probably familiar with Sunrise Bakery and Coffee Shop, perched at the top of Dartmouth Street just beyond the city limit – a shining bakery on a hill.

But most readers may not be familiar with what I call their “secret” New Bedford location, which serves up neighborhood charm.

It’s located a few blocks north of Rivet Street at 506 Bolton Street. Like it’s more famous Dartmouth Street relation, it’s full of the same treats, breads and other assorted specialties (like linguica and cheese rolls and individual meat pies) but doesn’t have a full sandwich menu to choose from like up on the hill.

Yet, it’s got a sweet little 3 – 4 seat counter area suitable for grabbing a quick snack. Whenever I’m in the neighborhood, I stop in, grab an O Jornal at the door and pick out one (or more) pastries to enjoy by the window overlooking an authentic New Bedford street scene.

The snacks are for my soul – ha! – but the O Jornal is an attempt to further my (very) nascent Portuguese reading skills. What really adds to the charm of the Bolton Street location of Sunrise Bakery is that while you’re there you are very likely to hear more Portuguese spoken by patrons than English – though I admit it’s been of little help improving my language skills.

Whether you stick with English or Portuguese, the Bolton Street or Dartmouth Street location of Sunrise Bakery and Coffee Shop, I wholeheartedly encourage small businesses to follow their website’s example. It’s a terrific example of how a local joint can indeed brand themselves just as well as McDonald’s.

You’ll see the familiar Sunrise logo everywhere on the site, especially effective when it’s found nestled on a plate of cupcakes. Sunrise Bakery serves up the goods and, like the business itself, evokes memories of a time when a neighborhood business knew they weren’t just creating an image for themselves but for their city or town. The website carries that attention to detail into cyperspace and also provides the browser with any and all information they may need about Sunrise Bakery and Coffee Shop.

It’s a delicious website – maybe not as delicious as the Sunrise Bakery and Coffee Shop Apple Fritters, but a good incentive to grab a seat at the counter by Bolton Street in New Bedford this very afternoon…

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Steven Froias