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OUTTAKE: Inside the First Baptist Church renovation

By Steven Froias / Groundworker-At-Large

Frequently when I’m writing something for this blog, or for State of the Arts in The Standard-Times daily newspaper, or other media outlets, I come across anecdotes that don’t find a home in the final story. Outtakes is a place to share them and I hope you enjoy these “snapshots” from New Bedford.

Today’s State of the Arts column in the Standard-Times asks, “Could New Bedford be a major center for theater in New England?”

The question arises as the historic First Baptist Church on William Street is being transformed into the Steeple Playhouse by WHALE.

It will soon be the home of Your Theatre, Inc., New Bedford’s long-running community theater group. And here’s a fun fact: at one time, Your Theatre staged their work in the very space at 1213 Purchase Street that Groundwork, New Bedford’s first coworking facility, now calls home!

Guess collaboration is baked into the building!

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos of the renovation happening on William Street that didn’t make today’s column…

Front entrance
Restoring the building’s original windows
Artist Fitzcarmel LaMarre goes artisan
A brown piano…
Reminder of the building’s past
A white piano (and organ)
The building is full of custom woodwork
The stage is set
Pull up a chair

Steven Froias