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The Top 5 x 2: Coworking and New Bedford in the spotlight

A toast to 2017 – found at Cafe Portugal on Acushnet Avenue in New Bedford

Before we rush headlong into the new year, Sarah Athanas and myself decided to take a look back at our personal, favorite blog posts of the last year.

In the course of selecting five top blog posts each, we discovered that a) We are prolific content writers – and obviously enjoy not only writing but feel passionately about what we write about.

And B) we write so much, that we had actually forgot some of the posts we shared during 2017! So, in that sense, they were new to us once again.

We hope they are sweet re-discoveries for you, too. Click on the headlines to read the full post.

Here’s Sarah Top Five, followed by my own.

Favorite Posts from Sarah:

What family dinners and coworking spaces have in common

I loved writing this post because I often look around at the people in Groundwork! at any given moment and get that inexplicable “warm and fuzzy” feeling. This was my attempt to put that to words.

Why gratitude looks good on you

I wouldn’t call this a writing tour-de-force, but this post puts a huge smile on my face. The process of taking the photos for this piece was one of the most enjoyable and magical moments I had all year.

Why Coworking is like an Epic Road Trip

This post was inspired by an amazing road trip to Philly with some Groundwork! friends. The trip was a highlight of the year for me, and I think the advice I give here is pretty sound for all types of social situations.

How to make coffee (and save the world) at a coworking space

I loved watching how our members reacted to the exploding coffee machine. It taught me so much about people, communities, and problem solving. Sometimes the best thing you can do with a problem is let it go.

Why Social Interaction Will Save Us: Coworking and Social Force

This was my reaction to the inauguration of our current president. It speaks to the revolutionary power of showing up for each other in real time, face-to-face interactions. This is what really inspired Dena and I to create Groundwork! and it is what keeps us going every day.

Favorite Posts From Steven:

2017: New Bedford’s breakthrough Summer

Some moments in time deserve to be recognized – and New Bedford coming together during the summer of 2017 to fulfill its promise as a vibrant, diverse – and fun – city was one of them. I was especially pleased that The Standard-Times picked this up from the Groundwork! Blog and published it, too!

3rd Eye Open: A Shining Moment for the City

The vibrancy and diversity above found no better illustration in 2017 than at 3rd Eye Open in downtown New Bedford. A beautiful achievement for all involved.

New Bedford’s Poet Laureate is one helluva broad

What makes New Bedford the real, authentic and creative city we know it to be finds no better expression in a person that its Poet Laureate, Patricia Gomes. This was a joy to write. (And produced some performance anxiety; she is our premier wordsmith, after all!)

Cheers to New Bedford’s Hardware Stores

The best part of writing for the Groundwork! Blog is the opportunity to look at New Bedford in off-beat, often quirky ways. A post on its neighborhood hardware stores is a perfect example!

Women for SRTA

In addition to giving due to an effective public transit activist – Sigute “Siggy” Meilus – this post also highlighted an area of opportunity for improvement in the city. Because, even though this Top Five x 2 post is now done, the work of participating in the future continues always….

Steven Froias