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Take a Walk, Clear Your Mind, and Appreciate New Bedford’s Beauty

It seems more difficult to focus on work when the beautiful sunlight is shining in through your window. Here are a few beautiful places in New Bedford to check out to when you’re feeling cooped up inside. Because they are close to home, you might even be able to manage to escape on your lunch break.


Fort Taber New Bedford

1. Fort Taber

One of the best places in New Bedford to take a break and get some fresh air is Fort Taber. The beautiful views and scenery make the park an ideal place to escape to when you just need to get outside. It has paved pathways for either walking or biking, grassy areas to sit and enjoy an outdoor picnic, and an ocean breeze to cool you off on a sunny day. Spending time here will refresh and replenish you after being cooped up in the office all day.


Harbor Walk New Bedford

2. Harbor Walk

Harbor Walk is located on E Rodney French Boulevard in New Bedford. Here, visitors are able to walk along the city’s hurricane barrier on a near mile-long trail overlooking beautiful sights of the city and surrounding areas. Appreciating the beauty around you is a good way to forget the stresses of the day and truly relax. This picture definitely speaks for itself.


West Beach New Bedford

3. West Beach

Nothing is more relaxing then the sound of waves hitting the shore. The beach is truly one of the best places to go outside and enjoy the weather. New Bedford’s West Beach is a great location to go to take a break from the day and enjoy some outdoor activities. Whether it be a walk along the shore line or a bike ride along the trail, this is definitely a good place to keep in mind when you want to get a little fresh air and time for yourself.

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