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My Summer at Groundwork!

Groundwork! Chalkboard

As my summer internship at Groundwork! is sadly coming to an end, I wanted to share what I learned from spending time at Groundwork! and with its members over the last three months.

The idea of a co-working space was foreign to me before I began my internship. I didn’t know such a place or idea even existed. I mean I’m familiar with the library, being a college student and all, but Groundwork! is so much more than a shared space where people come to work.

Groundwork! is a place that is always growing and supporting the community it has become a part of. Whether it be supporting local artists, promoting events in New Bedford, or using the space to bring people together, Groundwork! encourages collaboration and growth in its community.

Another thing I learned from interning at Groundwork! is that this is exactly what I want to be doing with my career. You can only learn so much in a classroom, but facing real-life situations and gaining hands-on experience has given me the confirmation that I am doing what I want to be doing upon graduating next May. It has also opened my eyes to all the possibilities I will have in store for me.

After questioning my decision in pursuing marketing as my major multiple times in the past, I now feel confident that my last 3 years of hard work is leading me exactly where I want to be. And I need to thank my internship at Groundwork! for giving me that clarity and allowing me to put my foot in the door of a marketing career. I am now one step closer to my future.

Groundwork! is a family. Having people you can turn to for a favor, take a break and play ping pong with, and work side by side with everyday makes the work days more enjoyable. Surrounding yourself with people who can make you smile is so simple yet so rewarding, and I have grown to appreciate that coming in to work each day.

My internship at Groundwork! may be coming to an end, but the friendships I’ve made here definitely aren’t. You can expect to see me around at the next art opening or after-hour event as I plan on keeping my connection with Groundwork! alive.

Lastly, I would like to thank Sarah and Dena for working with me, mentoring me, and giving me a handful of opportunities this summer—it was the best internship I could have ever asked for and I am extremely grateful to be leaving with new skills and knowledge that I will be able to use wherever I end up in my career.


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