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Take a “Newsbreak”

gw-newsbreak_featuredRemember magazines? They’re those glossy purveyors of news, ideas, gossip and more that used to be ubiquitous. Famous titles included Time, Newsweek, People and Vanity Fair.

Oh, wait – they’re still around?! Of course they are – I am only being facetious. Sure, like every other printed medium, they have taken their hit from the Internet. But the slicks – as they were sometimes called – are very much still with us.

And, if you didn’t know, the best place to pick one up is a hop, skip and a jump from Groundwork! just across the New Bedford – Fairhaven Bridge on Pope’s Island. Nestled behind a Dunkin’ Donuts (speaking of ubiquitous) you’ll find Newsbreak – a genuine, old-school magazine store.

Newsbreak is a print lovers dream. They carry every magazine title you can think of and many you probably never knew existed. Neatly displayed on shelf after shelf you’ll find titles devoted to everything from coin collecting to critical thought. Categories include but are not limited to: art, science, entertainment, outdoor, fitness, cooking, collecting, history, writing, film, home renovation – you name it, there’s a magazine for it at Newsbreak.

Naturally, you will also find the reliable standbys: Time, Newsweek (which I thought had ceased publication), Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly, People et al. Groundwork! members are a well-read lot. On any given coffee table scattered throughout the co-working facility you’ll see contributions to the common good. We’re partial to The Economist and the New Yorker here, along with Wired.

I took a walk from Groundwork! over to Newsbreak late last week on a gorgeous fall morning. Yes, it’s close enough to walk; it took about 20 minutes and including glorious views of New Bedford’s working waterfront from below and then on the New Bedford – Fairhaven Bridge. Right across the plaza where Newsbreak is located is a beautiful little park named after and including an impressive statue of Prince Henry the Navigator. It overlooks the harbor and hurricane barrier and is a fantastic spot to peruse a periodical on a warm, sunny day. I had a just-purchased Paris Review for company (and a Batman comic!).

No matter what your fancy, Cat Fancy or Car and Driver, take a Newsbreak when you’re feeling the tactile need for print between your fingers.

After you’ve read all my blog posts at the office, of course.


Steven Froias