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#tags and the City of New Bedford


An innovative project website called #tagsandthecity examines Instagram usage for clues into peoples’ behavior. It’s centered around transportation but monitors shopping and dining as well as travelling habits. From the website: We rename subway stations after the Instagram hashtag which is most popular around them. So you get a pretty good picture of how the city is photographed and what is going on where – especially for travelling, shopping, drinks and food.”

On the site, you’ll find Berlin, Paris, New York and San Francisco. Data maps are created from the information they collect. Here in New Bedford, we haven’t quite reached the sheer mass of Instagram users necessary to carry out such a project – but still, checking in with some favorite Instagram accounts can give you a glimpse into the City of New Bedford.

So here’s some unique accounts to check out – but first, out of sheer self-interest, be sure you’re following us! Groundwork! Can be found at @groundwork_newbedford and this writer can be found at @newbedfordnow. Otherwise, follow these Instagram users for a well-rounded snapshot of New Bedford.

New Bedford on Instagram

@cabralism – Brandon Cabral’s eye is sure as he scours the city for the often overlooked people and elements that make it what it is today. Deceivingly simple and direct, his Instagram account nevertheless teems with life in New Bedford.

@krisnordstrom_ – While Cabral’s images are beautiful because they’re unadorned, Krystn Nordstrom’s shots are exquisite romantic – and sexy – visions. She handles weddings and boxing, men and women,  with equal grace.

@mediumstudio – We’re long accustomed to Medium Studio’s superior design work in our daily lives as they are responsible for giving an identity to so many businesses and organizations  in the city. On Instagram, they indulge their design sensibility and the result is a visual feast that speaks well of the New Bedford aesthetic.

@paradise_mcfee – From outdoor murals to indoor studio work, Ryan McFee is a prolific artist – and Instagram user – with an eye for color. His photos reveal the artist at work in the creative community known as New Bedford.

@foodofnewbedford – We’ve written about this one before but in case you missed it, check out the Kev Patricks Nunes celebrate of the culinary life of the city – but never at midnight on an empty stomach. That would be torturing yourself!

@tootellmonuments – Finally, for this first round-up of New Bedford on Instagram, let’s end at the literal end. The local institution Too Tell Monument Works avoids the macabre but finds the meaningful in stone and granite by snapping the city’s cemeteries in all their next-life glory. Being dead never looked so fascinating.

Steven Froias